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GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan Getting Started Quick Tips Leave a comment

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Here’s a starting point. Remember we are still working it out as we go as well.

1. To start, do a core scan. Place TENS left / right of torso, midway between hips and shoulders.

2. Run the GX General Biofeedback Scan (C) – JW as it is designed to start. You may want to change the threshold to .2 from .4 before you click scan. Do this if you usually don’t get much back from the scan using .4.

In the Log Name Field, at minimum indicate your initials and type of scan.

For instance, for me it would be JK Core. This will allow you to mark when you do targeted like JK L Wrist etc.

3. After scan is complete, save your results. These first 10 results were analyzed using Current. You may want to annotate the notes as such.


BFB EJ Core 3/3/2018 9:02:25 PM
Biofeedback Scan completed 3/3/2018 9:02:25 PM – Current

4. Now change the scan type from Current to Angle. Click Analyze and open the last biofeedback file (Has initials and location + date stamp in file name), and you will get 10 more results. This time you used the same scan raw data but pulled out frequencies using Angle as the method of analysis. Again make a note of this in the notes field.

BFB EJ Core 3/3/2018 9:03:31 PM
Biofeedback Scan completed 3/3/2018 9:03:31 PM – Angle

5. Now change the scan type from Angle to Angle + Current. Repeat the process to pull out 10 more frequencies using this combined form of analysis. Annotate the notes field.

BFB EJ Core 3/3/2018 9:03:56 PM
Biofeedback Scan completed 3/3/2018 9:03:56 PM – Angle + Current

You have now saved off 3 frequency programs from the one scan, each containing 10 frequencies using the 3 forms of analysis.

6. Go load your shell preset of choice from the Presets tab. Then go to the Programs tab, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will find the 3 frequency programs you just created.

Load all 3 and you will see that the total runtime is 1:30:00. Now click Remove Duplicate Frequencies on that same page.

This will consolidate the 30 frequencies into unique frequencies. Angle + Current has the ability to duplicate the other two, but also has the ability to return unique frequencies as well.

Your total runtime should now be somewhere between 1:00:00 and 1:30:00 depending on how many duplicates there were.

7. Load to a generator. If you are using the GX and a v2.0 remote, run for up to 3 days then repeat the process. Make sure to load a detox maintenance of some sort on a second generator.

If you are using a v1.1 remote, run for 5 days and then repeat the process.

If you load to plasma, run for 3 days then repeat the process. You can apply via plasma on day 1 and day 3 if you wish with day 2 being a break.

If you use an XM to apply, only caveat is to make one change before you load to the generator. On the settings tab, change the WCM value from 1 to 4 for the waveform used on Out 1. The alternative is to use the Square H Bomb with 20v to apply.

That’s about it for now.

Maybe this will help a bit with putting all that into context.

Yellow is the areas for log name and threshold. The 1,2,3, is the order of analysis which is done by clicking the button circled.

As for the annotated notes, when you go to save the results, at the bottom:

GeneratorX Biofeedback

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=9210

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