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Spooky2 GeneratorX Q&A 16

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General Description

Q: Has GeneratorX got a “Screensaver” function?
A: Yes. GX has a screen saver.

Q: Does GeneratorX uses a Fan?
A: No. GX runs perfectly silent.

Q: Are the two outputs of GeneratorX electrically isolated (no common Ground as the XM generator)?
A: Only if an isolated adapter is used.

Q: It says that GeneratorX doesn’t need a computer? Does that mean all presets are in the generator?
A: You will need the computer to input the frequency programs you want, up to 30 programs, 200 frequencies maximum per program. Then the generator can run standalone.

Q: What is the output power of GX?
A: GX takes 0.6 amps at 12v.

Hardware Connection

Q: Does the GX have EMI shielding so that it does not lock up the USB or whatever happens to the gens when running Spooky Central or Spooky Plasma?
A: GeneratorX has heavy-duty protection to prevent it from locking up, but we still recommend using electrical filters for Spooky Central & Spooky Plasma. We send these filters with all Spooky Central and Spooky Plasma orders.

Q: Does GeneratorX still need Spooky Boost?
A: The boosts are still needed. Spooky boost and all the other transmission accessories can be used with GeneratorX.

Software Installation

Q: Will GeneratorX come with programs installed? I don’t own a windows laptop.
A: No, you need to load the programs using Spooky. However, if you know what programs you need, you can contact our support team, give them a list of 30 program names, and ask them to preload for you.

Q: Which Shell Presets will be good for GeneratorX, and which ones should we not use?
A: All XM presets, including the Shell presets, can be used with GeneratorX. The GeneratorX biofeedback scan takes advantage of the extra features of XM, so this is different. Any future Shell presets which use the GX modulation or other advanced features will be clearly marked.

Q: Since GeneratorX reaches higher frequencies, do we need WCM (Wave Cycle Multipliers)?
A: No. WCM are no longer necessary, but if it is used it will not affect performance apart from a slightly reduced frequency resolution and accuracy. These are the trade-offs when using WCM.

Q: Is a wobble such as +-.02% feathering a good choice for killing with GeneratorX?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I calibrate/adjust GeneratorX by myself (as I can with the XM generator)?
A: Yes.

Biofeedback Scans

Q: If one doesn’t have a specific area of a problem on the body, where does one put the tens pads to capture the overall picture?
A: We have found that across the gut seems to be a good location.

Q: Why it is not a good idea to place TENS pads at the right wrist and left ankle for a scan using GeneratorX?
A: Because in this case, the results will not be as precise as if the TENS pads are close, for two reasons:
1. The signal is passing through more healthy tissue, overshadowing the signal of the pathogens.
2. The signal is reduced, because the human body has resistance to electrical signals.

Q: Where do you place tens pads for biofeedback if the problem lies in the brain or the neck?
A: We have always recommended against using TENS pads above the neckline. This is because your two most important organs reside there: the thyroid and your brain. Please ask your trained medical advisor for assistance in this matter.

Q: What about healing frequencies? How do you scan for those VS scanning for bugs?
A: For healing frequencies, we do recommend to use Spooky Pulse. Because Spooky pulse is measuring your body response. And your body knows when the frequency is a healing sensation.

Q: Can biofeedbacks be done in remote mode too?
A: We don’t know. Our experiments have only been with localized scans. Theoretically it may be possible, and it is quite exciting thinking about that option.

Q: How does GeneratorX perform biofeedbacks? Spooky Pulse was quite difficult because we have to keep perfectly still, without any distractions.
A: GeneratorX measures the current and phase angle of a signal instead of your heart beat. This is MUCH faster and you don’t have to lie still. Instead of listening to your body’s response, GeneratorX directly monitors the signal passing through your body.

Q: After a GeneratorX biofeedback scan, can we then run the scan results on the XM generator, and which waveform multipliers (if any) should we use?
A: Yes. If the frequencies are high, the XM generator may not be able to reach them, but most frequencies should be within reach. The GeneratorX biofeedback scan goes up to 17 MHz. The XM generator can reach this frequency, but needs to use a Wave Cycle Multiplier, which can affect the accuracy of the signal.

Q: When we do a scan, how do we know the GX is not picking up healthy gut bacteria? The old biofeedback uses our pulse to assess whether frequencies are good or bad. Without a pulse, is there a ‘filter’ mechanism or some way of sorting the result of the GX scan to see which frequency are from pathogens and which ones are from healthy bacteria?
A: There is no ‘filter’ mechanism. GeneratorX is finding the resonant points of all tissue between the TENS pads, so it is important to place them close to the problem area.

Q: Will the results of the scan be more precise, and not give false readings?
A: Yes. Spooky now has a default threshold to reduce the possibility of erroneous reports. Previously, if biofeedback scans were set to report 10 hits, Spooky was being forced to report 10 hits. Even signals with a very low response were being reported. This has been fixed in the next version of Spooky.

Q: With the current scan and I get different results each time so I hope this new one works better.
A: The next page shows three consecutive scans of the same person, with pads placed across the tummy. You can see the results are quite consistent. Each scan lasted about 6 mins, and done one after another. In this example current was being monitored. If you have the pads far from each other, the repeatability will not be so high.

GeneratorX QA-1

Analysing Scan Results

Q: What does the result number in brackets (xx) mean?
A: This shows which hits were strongest. If a single scan is performed, such as the GX scan preset, this number is the percentage value above the running average. If a refinement scan has taken place, this value is the raw value. The larger the number, the stronger the hit.

Q: At .025% tolerance reverse look up, no results were returned. I had to go to .5% to get results. Is this OK or is it too far from the specific frequency?
A: The maximum tolerance we recommend is 0.25%. This is the tolerance recommended by Royal Rife. Keep in mind that a larger tolerance means less accuracy.

Q: Tissue analysis- what kind of things can we analyse through the biofeedback as a new feature?
A: You can analyse mucous from a cough and see what pathogens are present. If a tissue sample is not possible, you can place the TENS pads directly across the problem area.

Creating and Loading Programs Into GeneratorX

Q: How can one add offline programs with GeneratorX?
A: Spooky has a simple button to load programs into GeneratorX, allowing you to run the generator without a computer.

Q: What presets are designed for GX?
A: Already there are dedicated presets for severe conditions and biofeedback. Any presets which require GeneratorX will be clearly marked.

Using GeneratorX Stand-alone

Q: Is it correct to say that Generator X save presets, and not programs into its slots?
A: GeneratorX saves the programs currently loaded. The other settings saved in GeneratorX are Waveform, Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle, Gate and Dwell.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Is it correct to say that if you want to use programs from presets (or programs you put yourself in a shell) in the GeneratorX, it will only be good for the chosen mode (remote OR contact OR plasma) and not for the other ones?
A: Yes. It is.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: If you load a chained preset, for example Terrain R – BY, into a slot, will all the chained presets be available offline, or only the first one (in this case : 1. Remove Metals)?
A: Only the frequencies loaded will be saved. So only the contents of the first preset will be saved.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Could I just have the Silver Colloidal program on GeneratorX and nothing else? Could GeneratorX be used away from the PC with a dedicated Colloidal program running on it?
A: Most colloidal silver makers do not swap the waveform regularly. The Spooky2 software does this with the Colloidal Silver preset. If GeneratorX is running stand-alone, the waveform swapping feature is no longer available. It will run in a similar fashion to the other colloidal silver machines on the market, but with a better waveform. The silver quality will still be high, but the silver rods may form a non-toxic grey coating which could discolor the water.

Q: What are the restrictions or limitations of running GeneratorX stand-alone?
A: Each program is limited to 200 frequencies, each using the same waveform, amplitude, offset and duration (dwell).

The Out 2 signal will be the inverse of Out 1. You cannot use Out 2 for modulation for Spooky Central or Spooky Plasma. However, special presets are available which allow these machines to run connecting only Out 1 at the Input.

Frequencies are fixed, with no sweeps. If a program containing a sweep is loaded, only the start frequency is used.


Q: Can the tens internal probe be used for contact for GX scan to test uterine fibroid?
A: I don’t think the internal probe can be used to test for uterine fibrosis. The uterus is not located in the anal sphincter.

Q:Troubleshooting: GeneratorX can’t be detected by Spooky software.
A: Please follow the below instructions to troubleshoot:

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Spooky software. When Spooky finds no generators, it prompts you to install drivers. Please select Yes. You can manually install the drivers required for GX from the top menu. Select Utils, then Install GeneratorX Drivers. After the drivers are installed, unplug the USB plug going to GX, then plug back in. Your computer will now recognize your new generator.

GeneratorX QA-2

You can check whether your GeneratorX is detected from the Device Manager in your computer.

GeneratorX QA-3

2. Please go to Utils and click rescan device to rescan GeneratorX again.

GeneratorX QA-4

3. Spooky2 comes with 2 drivers for GeneratorX, an older version and a newer version. The older version is the one that gets installed by default. If you find any problem in detecting your GeneratorX, you can follow this video to install the newer version of driver:

4. Please turn on GeneratorX and wait it to fully start, then launch Spooky software.

You can check more GeneratorX QA from:

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  1. Can one GX generator run remote for two people at the same time

    Frank Jarnet
    1. Yes, Frank. You can run two remote at the same time on one GX to treat two people.

      1. How do you run 2 remotes on 2 people? One will run on G1 and the other will run in G2?

        1. Hi, if you have GX, you can run 2 remotes. You need to connect Remote to BN port of Spooky2 Boost, and then separately connect Boost to G1 of GX. GX is 2-in-1 generator. BUt if you only have XM, you cannot run 2 remotes at the same time, because Remote must be connected to Boost. If you run the same program on these two people, you can put their DNA samples on one remote and run the program you want.

          1. I have a GX – I’m a little confused on this as well. How i think about it is I use 2 remotes for one person…healing and killing or killing and detox. does that mean that you need another machine to do 4 remotes so you are healing and killing 2 separate people using different programs?
            or how can I treat my son and myself at the same time using different programs in remote mode?
            not sure if i’m missing something….

            Meriya Robertson
          2. Hi, GX equals two generators so that you can run two different programs simultaneously. So what you said is right, you need another GX to run different two programs for your son:)
            If you have any questions during use, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will reply to you ASAP:)

  2. Hi I’m a little confused about the use of the Boost add-on with GenX – when it comes to biofeedback scans. I’ve seen some official videos demonstrating doing a contact scan without Boost i.e. plugging the TENS cables directly into the generator output. But also some video demos where the Boost is connected to the Generator – and the Tens plugged into the Boost output. Can you please clarify should the Boost be used, or not used, when doing biofeedback scans. Does it make a difference, either way? Thank you.

    1. Hi, if you do treatment, it is recommended to use a boost but for scan and cold laser, please connect directly to out1.

  3. Why is it that you can not scan and run more than one generator at a time. I would like to run different people at the same time. Scan and run. The system does not seem to support that.

    1. Hi, we recommend scan for one person at a time. If scan and run on two people at a time, the results of the two people may affect each other, and the scan results are not pure.

  4. Hi, I need some advice.

    Is it possible to have 1 Gen X and 5 Gen XMs connected to 1 laptop?

    Could the Gen X and the 5 Gen XMs do the remote the same time?

    If I do the BFB on the Gen X, must I stop all the remotes on the Gen XMs since it’s connected to the same laptop?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Monica. You are all right. You can buy a USB hub to connect multiple generators. You can run remote on several generators at the same time, but note that you cannot run more than one contact on one person at the same time. The third answer is yes. You need to stop all running on your body to do your bfb scan to avoid some frequency or signal interference.
      Any other questions, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team is willing to help you at any time:)

  5. Using the Generator X Pro, how frequently (per week?) would you use it to treat cancer?
    Also, approximately how long (minutes?) would each session be for?

    1. Hello, the number of times you use the GX Pro depends on the mode and preset/program you are running. For cancer, we would recommend you run Cancer Protocol after finishing the 11-day Terrain. Learn how to run Cancer Protocol from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM1xnp0tjG0

      1. Hi,
        In the linked video the protocol is run using the Central and the plasma equipment. I don’t have those. Is it possible to cure cancer using only the GX Pro?

        1. Hi, you can run relevant frequencies. But compared to Central, GenX Pro will be not strong enough. Central will be more well-recommended:)

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