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GeneratorX Biofeedback Threshold 3

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People may find that after a biofeedback scan, Spooky does not report any hits.

This will be due to the new Threshold feature. The Threshold sets the minimum value of the reported hits. If none of your hits are above this value, then nothing will be reported. The feature was installed to prevent false-positives. We found 0.4 was a good value in our tests, but you can change this if you wish to show smaller hits.

Biofeedback Scan-1

Thanks to the new “Retrospective Analysis” feature of Spooky, you can re-analyze the biofeedback scan using different parameters. To see all hits reported by Spooky, close the Scan Results window and set the threshold to zero.

Biofeedback Scan-2

Now select “Analyze” and choose the most recent biofeedback log file. The file has the date as part of its name.

Biofeedback Scan-3

You will now see the number of hits that you specified. The hit values are in brackets “()”. Notice that none of the values are above the 0.4 default Threshold. This is why none were reported in the scan.

Biofeedback Scan-4

Choose the frequencies you want to save as a program and press the Save button.

You will be shown a screen similar to this. The frequencies have already been entered. Change the name to something more meaningful if you wish, then press the Save button.

Biofeedback Scan-5

If you go to the Programs tab and scroll to the end of the programs list, you will see your biofeedback program available for use.

Authored By John White
Source: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=9082

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  1. I’m really confused.
    Our friends just got in their new GEN X and I began running practice scans on my self and it shows TONS of what are apparently false results, including Kawasaki disease, even though ima, 72 and the disease is almost unknown outside of 5 year olds.
    Is this common?
    Is there a way to avoid these?
    Tom Lawson

    1. Hi Tom, the Biofeedback scans are not meant to be definitive or any kind of diagnosis. It’s your body telling you what frequencies it wants or needs. You start with the top 10 or 20, run those for a while, then repeat another scan. And then run frequencies as long as is appropriate. The goal isn’t to get to the point where you have no results. You’d be dead. You’re always going to get a list of frequencies when you do ANY kind of scan. While the reverse lookup can be informative, it’s a distraction. Too many people lose faith in doing the scans because the frequencies that show up don’t match what they believe is their diagnosis. Confirming your symptoms or diagnosis is not the point of doing the scans. You’re asking the body what it needs and you are providing it. Simple.

  2. I think this information is out of date based on new Gen X Pro and comments made by JW on the forum. However, I only found the forum comments tonight and had googled this last night. Can we please get the pages here updated with what is current and correct for Gen X Pro? Is the forum the best place to search for most up to date info?

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