Rife worked in the higher ranges, all the way up to 22.5 MHz. He never found anything above 18 MHz so this is where the GX scan stops.

Results from the GX scan are showing to be higher than the ranges we have been working with.

Doesn't this beg the question, are the pathogenic MORs actually higher than what we have been working with all this time?

I had sciatica, gone in 12 hours applying results from one scan. Most of the frequencies from my scan were in the high 11 MHz range. I didn't get results using frequencies from the database that has nothing but low level frequencies for most conditions.

Of all the scans I have done so far on 3 individuals, the frequencies are up there. A few are in the .5 to 1 MHz range, but the rest are all above 1 MHz. You know what? They are getting results faster using them as well.

It's time we get back to the origins of Rife and what he showed us to re-validate everything we are doing. We need to stop being locked into the modality of using just lower frequencies which were the result of less capable gear or being modulators to carrier waves that were recorded and then later treated as MORs.

Yes they still elicit results, but we can have better.

HC used a syncrometer and so her frequencies have more weight, but even then her equipment may have had limitations as well. Even so, her range just approach 1 MHz.

Frequencies from 1 to 20,000 Hz are in the range of sound we can hear. We hear noise all day long. If these frequencies could truly devitalize pathogens, they would be dying in droves from ambient noise. Just scream, kitchen counter disinfected.

Note: Lower frequencies do have value as entrainment frequencies, and in this manner, they can guide the body or trigger the body to do some healing/killing of its own.

In any event, the Pulse based scan was limited by speed, so we could not scan every frequency in this expanded range that covers Rife's work. So we limited it to one octave's worth of frequencies which is the next best thing.

Now we have the ability to really ask the body what frequency it needs. We still can't put a name to it, but we are one step closer.

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=9224