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GX Scan Range, Why This Is A Breakthrough 9

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Rife worked in the higher ranges, all the way up to 22.5 MHz. He never found anything above 18 MHz so this is where the GX scan stops.

Results from the GX scan are showing to be higher than the ranges we have been working with.

Doesn’t this beg the question, are the pathogenic MORs actually higher than what we have been working with all this time?

One Spooky user had sciatica, and it was gone in 12 hours after applying results from one scan. Most of the frequencies from the scan were in the high 11 MHz range. This user didn’t get results using the low frequencies from the Spooky main database.

The same user did scans on 3 other individuals, and the hit frequencies mostly above 1 MHz. These people got results faster using these high frequencies than the lower database frequencies.

It’s time we get back to the origins of Rife. He showed us to re-validate everything we are doing. We need to stop being locked into the modality of using just lower frequencies which were the result of less capable gear or being modulators to carrier waves that were recorded and then later treated as MORs.

HC used a syncrometer, and so her frequencies have proven their worth, but even her equipment had limitations. Her frequency range only reached 1 MHz.

Frequencies from 1 to 20,000 Hz are in the range of sound we can hear. We hear noise all day long. If these frequencies could truly devitalize pathogens, they would be dying in droves from ambient noise. Just scream, and your kitchen counter becomes disinfected.

Lower frequencies do have value as entrainment frequencies, and in this manner, they can guide the body or trigger the body to do some healing/killing of its own. But on their own they don’t devitalize bugs.

Spooky Pulse based scans are limited by speed, so we could not scan every frequency in the expanded Rife range. So we are limited to short scans which are only part of the larger picture.

With GeneatorX, we now we have the ability to really ask the body what frequencies it needs. We still can’t put a name to it, but we are one step closer. Use of the scan results in a treatment regimen should improve one’s health, as the body has already indicated that there was a reaction.


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  1. Fantastic.

  2. Why not publish the higher frequencies found for sciatica so we all can benefit

    1. We still don’t know higher frequencies found for sciatica. You can do a biofeedback scan on someone has sciatica or use the harmonic. Click here to read more: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-use-harmonics-in-spooky2-software/

    2. Is the frequency sciatica or the frequency for a bug that is irritating a nerve(s) causing sciatic symptoms?

      1. Hi vince, If a frequency doesn’t resonate with the human cell, if won’t hurt the human… Most of these frequencies don’t cause damage to the human cells, but the smaller pathogen cells

  3. I’m I right we only can use those high frequenties on Xgen by contact or remote. All other Spook2 devices can’t.
    How Rife managed it to use it with a plasma bulb?

    Roland Mariman
    1. Dear Roland Mariman, Plasma can reach 3.5MHz so it doesn’t like contact and remote.

  4. Is a computer required to use all of the products? And are there good instructions to use these? Thank you

    1. Hi, Linda. XM-Generator requires a computer while Generator can both use with a computer or not. And they can connect different accessories, you can learn instructions here: http://www.spooky2videos.com/courses/spooky2-hardware/

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