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How to Use Harmonics in Spooky2 Software Leave a comment

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Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark found that frequencies that killed pathogens lay between 76,000Hz and 880,000Hz. So 76,000-880,000Hz is their mortal bandwidth.

When programs were being developed for relatively affordable Rife machines, these units were unable to transmit frequencies that high – most had a top limit of 100,000Hz.

As a result, the MORs had to be transposed down so they could be used – making them less effective. Spooky2 can transmit up to 25,000,000Hz, so there’s no longer any need to be bound by the old restrictions – we can simply transpose the low sub-harmonics back up so that they become more effective. You can do that by defining your desired bandwidth – upper and lower frequency limits – in this pane.

> [x]: enter the upper delimiter in Hz here. Spooky2 will not create a frequency higher than this.

< [x]: enter the lower delimiter in Hz here. Spooky2 will not create a frequency lower than this.

If both of the numbers after > and < are 0, this function is disabled.

Out 1/Out 2 panes allow you to specify which outputs the transposition will affect. I can transmit the original low frequency on Out 1, and its transposed harmonic on Out 2.

Then use the Use Harmonic menu to choose the harmonic method you wish to use for the transposition. Spooky2 will create the lowest harmonic inside the bandwidth.

8x: an Octave and a Fibonacci number. Try this one first.

Octave: repeated doubling or halving – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. This is based on music theory, and music is essentially applied mathematics. It has been proven to work superbly.

Decade: multiplication by 10 – 10 is a product of the Fibonacci numbers 2 and 5. This system has also proven to work very well indeed.

Fibonacci: the number system that defines universal growth patterns. This is a powerful method, too.

Golden Ratio: also called “phi,” this is related to Fibonacci, and used in classical architecture, art, and the pyramids.

Odd: multiplies by odd numbers – 3, 5, 7, etc. Square and Inverse Sawtooth waves are rich in odd harmonics.

Natural Log*: based on the formula 1 + 1/(1×2) + 1/(1x2x3)
+ 1/(1x2x3x4) + 1/(1x2x3x4x5), etc.

Scalar*: number system based on the mathematical constants exp(3), exp(6), and exp(9).

In our tests, neither of the last 2 methods were proven to our satisfaction. So while they are provided, they’re marked as experimental. The “-” entry is a placeholder for future development.

Example: The Botulinum VEGA program has one low frequency – 518Hz. I enter 880000 in the > field, and 76000 in the < field (the pathogenic bandwidth) of Out2.

Choosing 8x transmits 518 and 265216. Octave creates 518 and 132608. Decade yields 518 and 518000. Fibonacci gives me 518 and 120694. Experiment – and use what works best.

Source: Page 100 of Spooky2 User’s Guide 20170701

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