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How Can Listening to Chanting Change Your Life? Leave a comment

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Sounds have powers. It is a fact people have known for ages. That is why they often pray or sing psalms together because they can become more spiritual by doing so. Here are six audios that combine meditation music with sutra chanting. Listening to them can boost your energy and bring you other benefits, such as dispelling and protection from negative energy.

Seeking Compassion

Compassion is the greatest force of humans. It can heal all conditions and relieve living beings of their sufferings and difficulties. Listen to the chanting in this audio with a sincere heart, and you will receive its blessings. If you recite it for all living beings, you will erase all your wrongs and offense-karma. The sound will grant you protection from heaven against all evil spirits and ghosts.

Wish Fulfillment

We all have aspirations, and the chanting in this audio can bless you to fulfill all your wishes, whether health or wealth. It can give you the mental power and physical strength to pursue your dreams. If you want to become healthy, it will help you control your diet and exercise appropriately without any difficulty. Listening to it with a clear aim in your mind will enable you to achieve the goal.

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Letting Go of Your Wrongs 

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of our misdeeds. The wrongdoings or sins may become an unbearable burden in our lives. Therefore, we often pray that others and heaven could forgive us. The chanting in this audio does exactly that. Listening to it while reminding yourself of your wrongs,  you will receive divine clarity to understand what you did wrong and what you need to do to correct your mistakes. Then you can forgive yourself and become a better person.

Negativity Removal 

We all face a lot of negativity every day. It can come from the environment, online news, or even family and friends. Exposure to too much negativity will lower our energy and make us weak and disinterested. Consequently, we need to cleanse ourselves sometimes. The background chanting can expel negativity from you and boost your life force to help you overcome bad habits or sufferings. Listening to it will let you get rid of worries and anxiety so that you can stay true to yourself.

Attracting Good Luck 

Some things are always out of control, and when we encounter them, the only thing that can help us is good luck. People would like to be lucky, but there seems no way to increase your luck. However, if you do good deeds, heaven will reward your devotion with good luck. The chanting in the background can raise your energy and bring you good fortune. Listening to it or reciting it will help you find ways to achieve your goals, become healthy, and find wealth.


Repentance does not come easy because people tend to deny their wrongs. They often consider admitting mistakes as a sign of weakness. The truly strong, however, are the ones who dare to repent for their sins.

The chanting in this audio can help you repent your past wrongs and establish good deeds in the future. After all, the good things you do will help you find the confidence to defeat your past self.

Find the ones you need and listen to them. You will become your better self.

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