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How Can Spooky2 Help Your Plants? 6

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Plants can sense the surroundings through signals including the presence of volatile chemicals, light detection, direct contact, and root signalling. But do you know they can also make and hear sounds? It is not like they have ears, but they can feel the vibrations in the soil. Since rife frequencies can help with human and animal conditions, can they also help plants? The answer is yes.

Seed Germination

Interestingly enough, science has found that sound frequencies can work as a seed stimulant. Sound can stimulate the production of growth hormones in plants and increase germination, so can rife frequencies. One of our customers has reported that after 45 minutes of Scalar treatment, the seeds germinated better and grew a lot taller and denser than the untreated seeds.

Besides, you can search “plant growth” in Spooky2 Software – Presets, and you will find the Radionics preset to imprint seeds, which also improves germination and promotes plant growth.

Plant Protectant

Rife frequencies can enhance a plant’s immunity against pathogen attacks by activating the plant defence hormones. Rife treatment will help plants effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi before germination, during growth, or even when infected. You can either use a Spooky2 Scalar or Remote.

When using the Remote, take a small sample of the plant, put it into the remote, and run “Spooky Spectrum Sweep” for some time (3 to 24 hours).

If your plant is already infected, you can use molecular Scalar with pesticides, plasma with pathogen elimination programs, or Remote to run spectrum sweeps. Again, using a Remote requires samples of the pests, mould, or weeds (if they exist) and the plant. If you know the exact name of the parasites, fungi, bacteria, or viruses, you can search for the specific programs and run a killing preset to get rid of them. Note that killing moulds will release toxins into the air, so you should run a detox program for your family and make sure you have all the windows open.

Plant Growth

In addition to boosting plant growth hormones, Scalar can also enhance photosynthesis. As a result, it will help plants grow faster and yield bigger and sweeter fruit.

Moreover, if the plant lacks nutrition or the soil is not fertile, you can add fertilizer with molecular Scalar, rife Scalar, or Remote. Programs with potassium, ammonia (or ammonium), nitrate, and phosphate can simulate fertilizers and provide the plant necessary elements such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Also, different plants prefer different pH levels of soil. For example, ammonium chloride can neutralize basic soil or make it more acidic, and potassium carbonate can neutralize acidic soil and make it more basic. In this case, plants can receive the benefits of fertilizer without absorbing any artificial fertilizers.

Rife frequencies are powerful tools to improve plant health. They can eliminate parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, improve germination, and boost growth. The full potential of rife frequencies on plants is yet to be studied. We hope your plants can flourish and yield as much as you want.

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  1. Please tell me how to use Spooky2 to imprint some pumpkin seeds that I want to plant now for this summer’s crop?
    I want to improve germination and growth.
    I have your PEMF coil and a glass of water.
    Is that the best way to do it? Putting the seeds in the glass of water and sitting it on top of the coil for say 24 hours? Which program should I use?

    1. Hi, if your pumpkin has not grown leaves, just seeds. Seeds cannot be soaked in water for a long time. We do not recommend your own method. You can put the water directly on the PEMF coil, and then imprint the desired frequency into the water. Then water the soil with imprinted water every day. We have done an experiment, using the PEMF imprint frequency, which is 7.83HZ, and then used to water the plants. The plants grow better than ordinary water. I have written this experimental blog and will upload it soon. You can follow our blog for updates. About how to frequency imprinting, there is one blog introducing this: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/easy-spooky2-frequency-imprinting/
      And about the methods introduced in this blog, it uses Spooky2 remote or Scalar mode. We put some leaf on remote, search “plant growth”, and run related frequencies.
      How to use Scalar to help plants, there are two blogs l will recommend: https://www.spooky2scalar.com/how-can-spooky2-scalar-energy-help-plants-grow/

  2. How would I go about using remote to fertilize the soil? Would I do it as I use nail sample, by adding a bit of the dirt in a tape and rifing it?

    1. Dear James, if you want to protect your plant or help your plant grow, you can take a small sample of the plant, put it into the remote, and run “Spooky Spectrum Sweep” for some time. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected]. Hope this suggestion may help you!

  3. Would it be beneficial to imprint seeds prior to germination? If so would I put the seed in the remote and run the sweep program?

    1. Dear Carmen, you can try to run it to see if it works. If you want to protect the plants after growing then you can also run these programs using samples of the plants. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

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