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How to Convert Old Presets for Use with Spooky Central Leave a comment

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Tip of the Day: Need a quicker way to convert some of your older presets for use on the Spooky Central? Rather than loading a Spooky Central preset template and then locating and loading all the frequency sets, I’ll show you how to convert it with a bit of help from Spooky2.

This only works for February 2016 or later.

First ensure that you have right clicked the generator control channel that is wired to the SC and answered Yes to the question: Is Spooky Central always connected to Channel #x? This will tell Spooky2 to only allow settings that are valid for the SC on this generator.

Then take your preset that has the frequency sets you have already set up for say remote use and load it to the generator you have designated for the SC.

Important, do not click START. Instead, what we want to do next is click on the ~ button at the top right to bring the settings back into Spooky2 for further modification.

What you will now see is that Spooky2 has already modified the settings to be more appropriate for the SC.

Square Wave/Square Wave (Edit: requires one to manual change the waveforms), 5v Amplitude, 100/100 Offsets, etc.

From this point, you will want to tweak it slightly to make it just right.

Ensure that Frequency Multiplier, Repeat Every Freq, Repeat Each Set, Repeat Program, and Dwell Multiplier are what you want. Typically for SC they start out all being 1.

Ensure that Frequency Limits are set: > 3500000, < 100000, Harmonic Type: Decade (or your choice).

Next, you will want to set up Out 2 Controls to match your favorite SC preset:

Out 2 = (Out 1 x 0) + 16 – (Unchecked) Hz for the original Spooky Central preset.

Out 2 = (Out 1 x 1) + 0 – (Checked) Hz for the Spooky Central Low Frequencies

Out 2 = (Out 1 x 1) Volts

Give it a new name and save. What I have been doing is adding (SC) to the end of my current preset name.

Before using the preset, you may wish to recheck the other settings to ensure they are what you want in case the preset you converted over had extra settings. For instance, you may or may not wish to keep a feather.

You probably wouldn’t want to use an amplitude wobble, added harmonics (Add F1 to F2), or Amplitude Ramp/Reduce Amplitude.

For some presets this may actually be faster than adding the frequency sets to an SC preset.

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