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Q: Spooky Central: Carrier vs. no carrier wave. Which is better? Can Spooky Central work with a carrier?

A: Spooky Central works with or without a carrier. In the Feb release of Spooky2 there are Presets that make smart use of a carrier. Instead of being limited to a fixed carrier, Spooky Central can use any carrier frequency. The very special carrier sweeps and problem program in the Presets use the carrier in special ways that cannot be done with other machines. The carrier sweeps instead of the modulation.

Transmitting on a carrier frequency takes a lot of power. When modulating a carrier, hundreds of sidebands are created that do nothing, except for a lucky one that hits the target frequency. Unfortunately, not much power is focused where it is needed.

Other systems use a carrier and a modulation frequency to hit the target frequency. Neither the carrier nor the modulation frequency is the target. Most of the power is being wasted. Only a tiny percentage of the signal strength creates the harmonic that hits the target frequency. If you can broadcast the required frequency directly, you get all the power concentrated where it is needed. This is how Royal Rife did it before Hoyland entered the picture.

If you know the correct frequency to apply, you can hit it on the head square. Most other units can’t do this because they have a fixed carrier and require that you use the Hoyland approach of injecting a modulation to create the MOR. Many more Rife machines are hobbled by a top end frequency below 400 kHz.

If you have data that is based on the Hoyland approach using a carrier and sidebands, Spooky Central can do this too. John White shows how to do it in the video. He literally gives you the keys to freedom of choice.

Some people think that the higher harmonic frequencies carry the same amount of power as a direct frequency. They believe that the higher the frequency the more power it will have. This is not true. The “fundamental” resonant frequency is the ideal frequency to apply. If this is too high, then the highest sub-harmonic should be directly applied.

With Spooky Central you have the flexibility to use either method to attack a pathogen, so you get the best of both worlds. It is up to the individual to decide which method they wish to apply.

In summary, when you know the target frequency, don’t waste time with a carrier. Using a direct frequency is akin to using a surgical knife to extract a pathogen. The use of a carrier and a modulation frequency stating the higher harmonics are key is akin to using a shotgun to extract the pathogen. Fire enough times (with hundreds of harmonics) and you are bound to hit something.


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