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How to Do A Grade Program Scan 12

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Spooky Pulse gives you a unique way to rapidly evaluate pathogen program frequencies for effectiveness against your condition, allowing you to identify those that will be the most beneficial for you. This process is called Grade Program Scan. Note this doesn’t work with healing or detox programs.

When you identify which individual frequencies in a single program will work the best, and which ones won’t work so well, you can then eliminate the least effective ones from each program you grade, and create your own preset which will contain only frequencies which your body has confirmed will work well for you.

The accuracy can be further increased by setting a Samples Per Step value of 6 or more, since the scan times are so short.

Please check this video about how to do a grade program scan:

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  1. A question: Why does Kate use the healing frequencies in the video if the grade scan applies only to pathogens as mentioned above. I suppose she should be using the killing preset in order to kill the pathogens, right?

    1. Hi, Sonja. Grade scan can rapidly evaluate pathogen program frequencies for effectiveness against your condition, allowing you to identify those that will be the most beneficial for you. It is best to run Killing Presets. But healing preset will not change the frequencies so can also.

  2. I also wonder why does she get so many results when the Max Hits to Find are only 4? Shouldn’t be there only 4?

    In the latest update 20190116 there is no possibility to set Max Hit to FInd in general scans only for sample digitizer (thank God). Why was it changed? I have a lot infections with my partner and we need weeks if not months to get rid of the for the body worst 10 frequencies (resp. 30 with angle+current). We’d prefer to have a longer list of the scan results to run every day. Our detox capability is very good at the moment.

    Also for graded scans I have to run a pathogen program with 40 frequencies – all of them to get relieve. But in the refined program scan (Gen X) or in a graded program scan I get only 10 results of exact frequencies – not 40 as I would actually need it.

    1. Hi, Sonja. Yes, when the Max Hits are 4 you can maximum only get 4 results. The video made a mistake, thank you for your informing.
      As to 40 frequencies, you can go to the preset Tab, choose Biofeedback/Generator Refine Program. Then go to the program Tab, choose 40 programs. And go to control Tab, choose Grade Program. It can come out 40frequencies. If still not, please contact our service lady, she will help you find out problems.

      1. I understand that Grade Scans can be done remotely – are there specific instructions available???

        1. Hi, stcrim. You cannot do a grade scan through remote, only sample digitizer can do a grade scan. You can know more instructions about how to do a grade scan here: http://bit.ly/2VfNfC9

          1. Can I use Gen X for grade scan or only Xm? is Spooky pulse mandatory?

            maria mombelli
          2. Hi, you can use genx to do grade scan and please go to this link for it: https://www.spooky2videos.com/video/how-to-do-gx-grade-scan/

  3. My scan doesn’t stop just keeps going. Why you think? No scan results opens. Why?

    1. Vita, I had this problem and the cause was that the sensor that reads your pulse was not reading mine well which caused the program to stop frequently and then resume. I couldn’t get through a scan–took hours. Try and find a good location to attach the clip. Some find the earlobe works for them, others, the small web of skin between thumb and first finger. Or the finger clip may work better for some. If your circulation is not so good as mine is not on finger tips(especially when my hands are very cold), the finger clip did not work well for me. Observe the blinking light on the Pulse to see when you get a steady blinking which indicates a good reading. Hope this helps.

  4. If I want to do a contact instead of remote treatment do I still remain on the high power port or have to move to out1 or out2 ?

    1. If you want to use contact mode to run programs, you need remain on the high power port .

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