How to Use Load Programs 2

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Load Programs is one of the amazing new features in Spooky2 software 20170204. Unticking it will load only preset settings after loading your own programs.

When you click on a preset, the settings and the frequency programs if any, were both loaded in the past.

If you clicked on an Shell (Empty) Preset, it would wipe out any frequency programs that were loaded as its list of frequency programs is empty.

Say you had already assembled 3 hard to find frequency programs, and then realized you wanted to use the Killing (R) – JW preset, not the Killing (C) – JW preset.

In the past you would have to find all 3 of those frequency programs after switching which preset you were using.

Now you can uncheck Load Programs, and then switch the preset selection. It will only load the settings that go with that preset, preserving your already assembled frequency program list.

Please check this video about how to use this new feature:

Thanks for Jeff Kaczor

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  1. But what I’m trying to figure out is when you go to programs and choose your program, it doesn’t say which device to use. Do you use the cold laser or contact or remote.. it does not say. So how do we know what to use?

    1. Hi, any model you can choose, cold laser, contact, or remote. Just depend on your needs.

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