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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 48: Simple DIY Natural Remedies for Heart Health 2

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In the last episode, we explained importance of regular practice of Yoga and 8 best Yoga poses for heart health you need to know.

In this episode, we will introduce natural ways to keep your heart healthy & natural heart attack recovery.

Follow the simple DIY to strengthen heart muscle with red hibiscus.

Hibiscus flowers contain antihypertensive and cardioprotective properties. The anti-inflammatory property of hibiscus reduces blood pressure. Hibiscus flower contains hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties which help lower blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and low density lipoprotein cholesterol.

The antioxidant properties of hibiscus protects liver from free radicals present in body tissue and cells.
Hibiscus has protocatechuic acid which has antioxidant and anti-tumor properties. Regular intake of this hibiscus drink slows down the growth of bad cells by eliminating unhealthy cells from body.
It is also rich in vitamin C which boosts the activity of immune system. The anti – bacterial property prevents from cold and cough.

Hibiscus drink restores hormonal balance which can reduce menstrual cramps, mood swings, overeating and depression.
It improves digestion, treats constipation and helps lose weight.

  • 2 Fresh Red hibiscus flowers
  • 1/2 teaspoon Palm sugar
  • 100 ml Water
  • 50 ml Boiled milk


To make the drink use red hibiscus flowers, palm sugar, boiled cow’s milk and water.
Separate the petals from the flowers.
Pour 100 ml water in a pan.
Add hibiscus petals to the water
Add 1/2 a teaspoon of palm sugar.
Boil for two minutes.
Allow the drink cool down and then strain .
Add 50 ml of boiled milk to it.
Mix well.
Take this drink once daily to strengthen heart muscles.

Main Points – Natural Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy & Heart Attack Recovery

1. Eat a heart – healthy diet.
2. Enjoy 1 ounce of dark chocolate several times a week.
3. Be physically active by walking 30 minutes or more, at least five days a week.
4. Practice yoga regularly.
5. Take 1,000 milligrams of omega – 3 fish oil supplement daily.
6. Acupuncture done in conjunction with heart medications may make them more effective than the drugs alone.
7. Manage underlying conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.
8.Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.
9. Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.
10. Treat depression and anxiety with natural treatments such as transcendental meditation, talk therapy, support groups, sunshine and inhaling an essential oil like Roman chamomile.
11. Take CoQ10, 100 milligrams twice a day, to improve cardiac health and lower the side effects of prescribed medications.
12. Magnesium: This mineral has potent anti-arrhythmia effects and is used both to prevent tachycardia in heart surgery patients and to improve the effectiveness of anti-arrhythmic drugs. When taken as a supplement it is believed to be particularly useful for ventricular tachycardia that doesn’t respond to other therapies. Together with potassium, supplements may be useful for people with deficiencies in preventing serious complications from tachycardia, such as fatal heart attacks.
13. Potassium: This mineral has also been used to stop fast heartbeat after surgery. Having a potassium deficiency can cause arrhythmia. In one study, potassium supplements were given at the same time as magnesium injections, and together they successfully stopped harmful tachycardia in seven of the eight patients in the study.
14. Hawthorn berry: This herb is a traditional treatment for heart rhythm problems such as tachycardia.
Participate in cardiac rehab as suggested by your cardiologist to help lower your risk for future heart attacks, manage anxiety and depression and add physical exercise to your routine.
Follow the treatment plan given to you by a health care professional to manage your symptoms. Do not start or stop medicines, herbs, or supplements without consulting your doctor.

You may also benefit from trying these natural ways to manage tachycardia symptoms and prevent future episodes:
1. Do vagal maneuvers – check details on line
2. Exercise and eat a heart-healthy diet
3. Avoid energy drinks and limit alcohol
4. Avoid certain medicines, smoking, and recreational drugs
5. Reduce stress and anxiety
6. Ask about dietary supplements
7. Try acupuncture

Heart attacks can be fatal. Call 911 immediately if you experience chest pains in addition to other common heart attack symptoms.


There are many methods to help you recovery but the highest healing is within you – this secret can not be stolen and manipulated- it is higher then any other form of healing.
You are creator of your destiny. Whatever you plant today it will blossom tomorrow, so make sure to grow good plants that will bring you happiness in future.

Your health is in your hands. Do not blame circumstances. If you feel you do not like a situation you are experiencing, then change it. If you can not change it this moment than make a plan how to change it step by step. Get out of circumstances that make you sick. Change job, house, friends or people around you. Get out to nature, find a healthy place, air,water, food, make new friends, new healthier business. That will bring you new life energy and restore your body and mind clarity.
The most important for hearth problems is to make resolution to change the way we live and think. We have to start respecting our life, inner values, and return to the basic purpose of life that is increase of joy. Do all that is possible to make your life happier. Return to real life values.

Do not be a billionaire that forgot his status and started begging on the street. Give time to your self. You can not loos anything of real value to your life. Rat race for position and money is just illusion you have to get out, and your life will be saved, your health will be regained. Do anything just to find and restore your real/timeless inner values and powers that will bring you lasting joy and peace.

In the next episode, we will talk about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Then in the next few episodes, we will share more details of the most effective natural therapies for COPD.

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  1. Is that proper cows milk (RAW) or the crap you buy in supermarkets (Pasteurized)?
    Will goat’s milk do?

    1. Thank you for watching, Graham. We will make Yole aware of your question and he will answer your questions in the next episode.

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