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[SAMA] Natural Health Secrets: How to Heal Your Self Naturally and Become Your Own Doctor Leave a comment

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Welcome to [SAMA] Natural Health Secrets. We created these videos for “sama” Channel as a reminder for our family and friends, and to provide necessary knowledge to regain greatness of natural living in tune with the laws of nature and the universe.

This is our gift; you can share it with your friends.

Text is written in “sutra” or seed form, concentrated, more as a reminder than detailed explanation. It is not written to convince or persuade, but to help those who are looking for natural solutions.

This is personal experience of a family yogi based on timeless wisdom of earth civilizations, so it is meant for spiritual, self-empowering people.

Pay careful attention to everything you hear and see… No matter how unusual it may seem…

Your source of heath is within you, you do not need to go further and look for magical healers from faraway lands.

To heal yourself for good… Close your eyes and feel… Remember your inner strength, peace and joy… That is your real source of health!

For centuries wise people have explained this eternal truth using words suitable to their culture and religion as the experience of: The holy spirit, communion with god, samadhi, satori, nirvana, …

But if you wish to do it now, you need to prepare, to regain your real power.

In this regeneration process the first step is to restore natural health so we can develop our self, our family, our relations, our finances, our creative expression and ability to share-give unconditional love. That is the base of happiness & joy in our life.

But before we can heal and regenerate our body and mind we need to know who we are and why we are here? What is our purpose of life, what is our main goal here?

Then we are ready to understand fully what is health and what is condition, and only then we can start practical healing process using natural methods.

When we understand how to get our whole system in balance then we can focus on specific conditions.

In the next videos we will help you define purpose of your life and your main goals then how condition gets generated and healed what is real state of health, then we will describe how to heal specific health problems, we created a list of 108 most common health problems.

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Authored by Dr. Yole Raam, from SAMA – Natural Health Secrets

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