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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20170401 and the updated Spooky2 User’s Guide and Spooky2 Starter Pack here:


Here’s what’s new and better in Spooky2 20170401 (1 April 2017):

New: option to display all program run times in the Programs Pane.

Improved: more space allocated to program names in the Programs Pane, reducing truncation.

Improved: Base Pairs and Molecular Weights programs can now be combined to a single new program. This means they can now also be used in a Grade Program biofeedback scan.

New: BP and MW database encryption improved.

Improved: groundwork laid for important upcoming speed and memory optimisations.

Improved: some graphics.

Fixed: various bugfixes, including the pesky Windows 10 French localisation bug, with many under-the-hood code optimisations.

Databases: all databases updated with new programs and corrections. Programs further rationalised and now total 40,206. Databases not found on launch now display in red text in the System tab.

Preset Collection: ineffective settings in some Newport Adaptations presets corrected.

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