Spooky2 is the most advanced and affordable Rife treatment system available today. It has free software updates and the world’s largest frequency database.

The Spooky2 generator with exceptional capabilities, together with Spooky2 software, allows you to:

  • select all frequencies (even with decimals) from 0 to 25 MHz and create programs with multiple frequencies in succession;
  • choose between various types of waveforms on two outputs, add them together on a single output, and create new ones;
  • set very useful parameters such as amplitude, offset, duty cycle, phase angle, gate, oscillations (frequency and amplitude), peaks, ramps, etc.;
  • use all types of harmonics and sub-harmonics;
  • choose the timing and duration of frequency programs;
  • work simultaneously on dozens of generators;

The Spooky2 system can be used for an infinite number of applications!

So as well as being a fantastic and complete Rife Machine for all uses of energy rebalancing, Spooky2 works perfectly for:

  • the elimination of molds and pests of the house;
  • treating the pets we love;
  • botany, plant care and pest elimination;
  • radionics, like our Spooky Radionics;
  • the production of colloidal silver;
  • use in biology and university laboratories, for the study of the reactions of molecules, cells and pathogens, to electromagnetic frequencies;
  • use in the Acoustics, Cymatics, Neuroacoustics and all the possible implications and professional applications that can be obtained (creation and mix of sounds with any waveform, recording of notes in a programmed sequence, agreement extremely precise of musical instruments, etc.);
  • electronic laboratories for the study, development and research of equipment using electromagnetic frequencies (also modulated);
  • the generation of signals useful for testing normal, shielded, twisted, ethernet cables, etc.

In practice the uses in the scientific field are really infinite and all the devices applicable to Spooky2 (Plasma, Coil, TENS, Remote, Laser, Ultrasound, Pulse) can be of great help.
Research and experimentation with Spooky2 has no limits!

Authored by Marcello Allegretti