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Also this year, in Italy a series of initiatives are planned to spread the knowledge of the technology invented by Royal Rife and, in particular, of Spooky2.

Marcello Allegretti, the author of the book “The Frequencies of Rifing”, has organized an important conference in Rome thanks to the initiative of Dr. Alessandra Previdi and the Italian Radionics Society.

Over 100 people participated in this meeting, all extremely interested in knowing and understanding how Spooky2 can represent a hope for their own health and for the people they love.

The Rome conference is certainly the most important event ever made in Italy, but we are sure that Ing. Allegretti will continue with more and more enthusiasm to spread his knowledge and experience to everyone, so that it is known that there is another way to achieve their well-being.

In the coming months a series of study courses and in-depth studies on the use of Spooky2, in Italy and also in Slovenia are planned.

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