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Spooky2 Software 20200715 Released 2

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The DNA database and presets will continue to be updated whenever new genome sequences are released. They can be downloaded from https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/.
Please check this website often to ensure you have the best information to help yourself.

Changes since the last formal release of Spooky2

New: Presets can have the line “BiofeedbackPreset=1” added to force reading of biofeedback settings.
New: Refine biofeedback limit raised from 1000 to 2000 entries.

New: Option for Out2 to follow the program frequency directly instead of following Out1.
New: Harmonic/sub-harmonic selection for Out1 and Out2 are now independent.

Improved: DNA database programs have been optimized, with maximum DNA program size reduced to 20 entries / 1-hour duration.
Improved: Data from Refine or Grade scans are now saved as .txt files. This prevents users from opening and analyzing non-sequential files.
Improved: Reverse Lookup form is now always maximized.
Improved: Display while loading programs when starting Spooky2.

Updated: Spooky2 User’s Guide to version 20200630. Courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto.
Updated: Main database to version 20200630.
Updated: MW database to version 20200708.
Updated: DNA database to version 20200708.

These people helped make this release of Spooky2 better:

Ian Avey
Eddy Coodee
John Robert Grayson
Phuongthao Lee
Trevor Nelson
Brad Rothman
Mário Tomás
Ed Von
Bryan Yamamoto

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  1. Windows defender reports that software 20200715 contains a trojan.

    Paul Richard Majchrowicz
    1. Please do not worry, our software is safe, and we recommend you can follow this link to try again:https://www.spooky2support.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045896633

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