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What’s the Difference Between High Power Port and Colloidal Silver Port? 12

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When you use the CS port vs. the High Power Contact port, the difference physically, as commented above, is that there is a 10,000 Ohm resistor inline with the CS port. What this does is limit current flow.

When you use frequencies that are over 10,000Hz on either port, you won’t usually feel anything as there is no resonance with your nervous system.

The reason you feel the lower frequencies is that it resonates with your nerves and causes the muscles to fire.

Typically use the CS port if you are running low frequencies and felt too much even with the contact settings in effect to reduce the likely hood of feeling too much (Reduce Amp, Amp Ramp, etc.).

Now for the other main difference between the two.
The High Power Contact port allows higher harmonic frequencies to be passed into the body. The 10,000 Ohm resistor that limits current in the CS port also filters these very high harmonics out.

The CS port was initially created to limit current to provide a better Colloidal Silver creation process. The side effect is that it also provides a very safe contact session as you can not get too much current in this mode.

However, some devices like PEMF would not benefit from limited current, so the High Power contact port was then added in the Boost 3.0

That pretty much covers the difference between the two.

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Authored By: Jeff Kaczor

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    cAN YOU TELL MORE ABOUT Power contact port

    1. Hi, joze,Out 1 and Out 2 are pass-through connections. They provide the individual signals from the generator’s Outs unprocessed. You can use these to connect Spooky Cold Laser. The Colloidal Silver output has additional components in its circuit, mixing and processing the generator’s summed outputs for optimum manufacture of very high quality colloidal silver. You can also use this output to connect Contact Mode – this will provide an attenuated signal. If you prefer to maintain complete amplitude control, you can use the High Pwr Contact output.

  2. So, for Presets and Programs I have to use High Power concat.

    1. If you want high power, you can try this port.

  3. High Power can hurt you in my opinion…There should be more information on using the high side of the booster with contact modes …

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind reminders. Spooky2 team will update more information on contact mode. And if you have any questions during your usage, please feel free to contact us. You could have a live chat on our mall website or send your questions to [email protected], our customer service are willing to help you at nay time.

  4. Greetings. I started messing around with the high output via making collodial silver and I’ve had some really good results. Am I causing any harm to my body by doing so?

    1. H, it won’t cause any harm to your health, but we still recommend you using colloidal silver port to create colloidal silver with the best effects:)

  5. Greetings, Am I causing any harm to my body by making silver with the high power port

    1. Hi, it won’t cause any harm to your health, but we still recommend you use colloidal silver port to create colloidal silver with the best effects:)

  6. Is it possible to use the colloidal silver port for FSM? Please tell me the current (in amperes) which can be max outputted from this port.

    1. Dear Siddharth, you can make the supposition that your system will consume 0.2 mA when you make colloidal silver. If you want to know more information, welcome to click here. https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/instruction-of-making-colloidal-silver-using-spooky2/
      Please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected] if you have more questions. Hope this suggestion may help you!

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