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6 Ways to Prevent Alzheimers Disease 6

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Alzheimers disease is the “fourth-most killer” disease after cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and severe diseases for the elderly. The disease is from the problem of the cells that connect the cranial nerves, which causes amnesia, cognitive errors, language difficulties, and even emotional changes in behavior. The following six suggestions can reduce the risk of getting Alzheimers disease and make your brain cells healthy and active.

1. Keep the mind active

Studies have shown that using the brain doing interesting things frequently can keep the mind active and make brain cells react quickly. Elderly people should be vigorous, doing things like reading books, learning new things and cultivating a variety of hobbies. These things can activate brain cells and prevent the aging of the brain.

2. Participate in more social activities

Participating in normal social activities can make the brain cells maintain synaptic connections in the “functional state” which slow the death of brain cells and maintains a strong long-term energy. Traveling with friends, participating in sports activities, gatherings, watching movies, listening to concerts, volunteer activities, joining in various clubs, and other activities will help improve the memory and thinking ability.

3. Keep a Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimers disease by half. This diet includes: vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, fish and shellfish, nuts and olive oil. The rich antioxidants in Mediterranean diet are the key to anti-aging.

4. Get moving

Studies have shown that people with hypercholesterolemia and are overweight are twice as likely to have Alzheimers disease as people of normal weight, and the incidence of Alzheimers in people with obesity is four times higher. Therefore, paying attention to diet, weight management and exercise, can reduce the risk of Alzheimers. Elderly people should stick to walking, playing Tai Chi and other beneficial exercises.

5. Drink a glass of red wine

Scientists have pointed out that drinking one or two cups of red wine a day can protect the heart and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. There are new studies which show that drinking red wine can also protect the brain from Alzheimers disease.

6. Healthy Heart, healthy brain

More and more studies have found that brain health is closely linked to heart health. The brain is the organ with the richest blood vessels in the human body. A healthy heart can ensure that enough blood is pumped into the brain to supply the brain with oxygen and nutrients. So it is also important to control cardiovascular disease if you want to prevent Alzheimers disease.

6 Ways to Prevent Alzheimers Disease

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    1. your are welcome

  2. Are there particular programs against Alzheimer on spooky2?

    1. Yes, you can use the key words search in the program page of the software, for more details, you can check this blog:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-choose-keywords-when-searching-in-spooky2-software/

  3. I would not eat whole grains or any high carb foods, sugar to prevent Alzheimers. Do your search about keto or carnivore.

    Erika Csizmadia
    1. Hi, Erika, thanks for your kind sharing:)💕🥰

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