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Why Are There So Many Frequencies for Each Program? 2

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Treatment programs are normally composed of multiple frequencies. You may ask “Why so many frequencies are needed if only one or two are required to disable a pathogen?” There are four main reasons why programs have extra frequencies:

  1. Healing frequencies are often used to activate or improve the functions of organs, tissues, and cells. Your detox, circulation and immune systems can all benefit from these added frequencies.
  2. Pathogens often have several life stages. Each stage, from eggs and larvae to adult parasites requires a different frequency. If each stage is not targeted, the pathogen will return with a vengeance.
  3. Frequencies which have been proven to work with many different pathogens are often included to address to prevent opportunist infections.
  4. Cleansing, relaxation and general well-being frequencies are often included in programs to help people cope with any adverse reactions.

The extra frequencies within a program all help to give more consistent, beneficial results.


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  1. Wonderful article. Thanks.

    Joyce Allen
    1. Thank you for your support! Joyce Allen.

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