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3 Modes of Biofeedback Scans 6

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Spooky2 has 3 modes of Biofeedback Scans:

  • Personal Scan.
  • Optimise Scan.
  • Grade Program.

Each mode works in a different way to find the precise frequencies your body needs.

Personal Scans perform a frequency sweep over a user-defined range. The frequencies that provoke the strongest responses are reported.

Optimise Scans increase the accuracy of programs by finding the exact frequencies to apply instead of nice rounded integers.

Grade Program Scans are my favourite. They allow you to remove ineffective frequencies that do nothing, and they do not take long. The accuracy can be further increased by setting a Samples Per Step value of 6 or more, since the scan times are so short.

You can search keywords on www.spooky2videos.com to check Spooky2 biofeedback instructions. For example, search grade scan.

Spooky2 is the only Rife system to provide such a power set of biofeedback options.

How biofeedback works:

When the body encounters stress, it alters its own electrical fields through the autonomic nervous system. The results are changes in skin conductivity, heart rate and electrical signal behaves.

Telling lies to someone creates stress, and the results of this are easily picked up by a polygraph. There’s nothing the subject can do to prevent this since the autonomic nervous system is not under conscious control. And it doesn’t matter how slight or how minute the amount of stress is – the body reacts just the same.

Spooky2 has two ways of doing biofeedback scan. Spooky2 Pulse and Spooky2 GeneratorX.

Biofeedback Scan

With Spooky2 Pulse, if you input an ultrasound sweep into a subject’s body, and one or more of its frequencies produces a sympathetic resonance from, say, a pathogen or a parasite, the subject will always have a low-level stress reaction. This is picked up immediately and recorded by Spooky2 Pulse’s heart rate monitor.

When the sweep is done, Spooky2 Pulse will then go through its list of “hits” and sweep carefully around them to find the exact frequencies that produce these tiny stress reactions.

With GeneratorX, it records how the electrical signal behaves. If there’s a resonance for a pathogen in your body, a brief change in the electrical pattern shows that a hit was detected.

The final result will be a list of frequencies that can be saved as a set and used to deal with the problem effectively because now you have the right frequencies. You’ve found the truth without taking out a second mortgage.

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  1. can I run a biofeedback with a remote.. I have a pacemaker so bought the minimum with remote

    1. Hi, you can do remote scan with sample digitizer and please go to this link for more details:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/gx-sample-digitizer-instruction/

  2. Why wouldn’t using a remote work? There is certainly the same two-way communication that you would have with any DNA attached to a port.

    1. Dear Gary, you mean holding all of the DNA samples with only one remote, yes that is possible.https://www.spooky2support.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002595454-How-many-frequencies-can-one-Spooky2-generator-run-at-once-

  3. Can a GenerationX make Collodial Silver?

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