Follow these simple steps to create true nano-particle colloidal silver with a high silver content. The silver particle size will be very small. This increases effectiveness.

Step1: Preparation
Spooky2-XM Generator x1 (including power adapter, USB cable and BNC/alligator cable)
Spooky Boost v3.0 x1
Spooky Silver Rod x2
Glass or Ceramic Container x1
Distilled Water Only 
Magnetic Stirrer x1

Step2: Washing
Thoroughly clean the Spooky silver rods and container. Rinse with distilled water and dry with a napkin.

Step3: Connection
1. Fill the container with distilled water. Do not use tap or filtered water. These will almost certainly contain unwanted impurities and chemicals.
2. Place two clean and shiny silver rods in the water. Ensure the distance between the rods is maintained at one inch or greater.
3. Place the container on the magnetic stirrer and insert the little plastic agitator. 
4. Clip the alligator clamps onto the silver rods and plug the other end of the cable to the Spooky Boost v3.0 attachment.
5. Connect the generator to your computer's USB port and plug in the power adapter.

Step4: Settings
1. Turn on the Spooky2-XM generator and start the Spooky2 software.
2. Click Utils from the top menu. Choose Colloidal/ Ionic Silver Calculator. Here you enter the parameters to calculate how long to run your colloidal silver generation system.

3. Use the "By Calculation" method to calculate the program duration. You may change any field in the calculator.

Enter the distilled water volume. For example 500ml.
Enter PPM. This is the desired Parts Per Million. We suggest setting this to 20PPM. This is the strength of most commercial colloidal silver.

Enter Current. If you do not have the tool to measure the current or if you do not know how to measure it, simply enter 0.2mA. This is a very rough average estimate that assumes you have two 9 AWG rods one inch apart submerged to a depth of 12 inches in distilled water.

The total time needed to make your CS will be shown automatically beside Duration. This duration is given in minutes, hours and days. Take a note of the duration in minutes. You will be needing this later.

4. If you have a TDS meter, you can make colloidal silver using the "By Measurement" option. Monitor the TDS reading during the manufacturing process and enter the values to determine the PPM concentration.

We do not recommend using the fields of By Measurement since a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter will NOT measure the colloidal silver content of a solution. Colloids are not dissolved solids.

5. Exit the calculator, and go to Preset tab, then open Miscellaneous directory, choose Colloidal Silver Generation - JW Preset.
6. Go to Programs tab, enter the calculated duration (minutes) from step 3 into the Dwell Multiplier field.
7. Go to Control tab, tick allow generator overwrites, select a generator and run the program.
8. Turn on the magnetic stirrer. Adjust for gentle movement of water. The speed is not critical.

It is a good idea to cover your container with a lid or plastic food wrap. This ensures airborne dust particles do not settle into the water, causing it to change color.
Do not rush the manufacturing process. Slower is better.

Important Notes:
The quality of CS will increase if it is made slowly. It can take a long time to make a truly great batch.

Use cold water. Hot water will speed up the process but the particle size will increase.
When the CS solution is ready it may become a light yellow/golden color. This indicates a very small particle size. You can shine a laser light in the solution and see a visible red line, indicating microscopic silver particles in suspension.

Store the CS solution in a dark glass container. Plastics and ultra violet light from the sun may cause the silver ions to lose their positive charge and clump together, losing their ability to heal.

Colloidal silver kit connection and software operation( For the version July and the below):

 Software for the version August and the above: