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FrqEd is a custom database editor for Spooky2 frequency sets. FrqEd runs inside your browser. It can create a database, edit an existing database, merge databases, and search the Spooky2 frequency database and add Spooky2’s frequency sets to your custom frequency set. While Spooky2 already provides much of this functionality via the CSVed application, CSVed is cumbersome and difficult to use as it has no specific knowledge of the Spooky2 database parameters.

FrqEd is delivered inside of a zip archive. Extract all the files out of the zip archive in a folder of your choosing. Then double-click frqed.html in the Windows Explorer/File Explorer.

The Help link on the editor provides documentation and a few short tutorials.

For the Advanced User too!
While FrqEd is designed for the beginner, it’s quite useful for the advanced user. You can optionally enter in frequency codes like you do when you use the “Create Frequency Set” tool of Spooky2, except when you enter in your codes, FrqEd verifies the input and checks that your entries have reasonable values.

Browser Requirements
FrqEd requires a modern HTML5 browser, like the most recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. I’ve tested FrqEd on Windows 8 with the aforementioned browsers, as well as Firefox and Chrome on Mac and Linux.

There are 3 main windows in FrqEd, shown below.

The Database Editor

The Frequency Set Editor

The Frequency Editor

Here is the zip archive:

Authored by: Bryan Yamamoto
Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5162

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