We recommend taking things slowly. The program running time depends on the dwell and number of frequency sets you choose. Everyone has different conditions. Listen to your body. If you feel tired and / or unwell, take a break and reduce your treatment times.

Unless you are following the Cancer Protocol or the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol, we suggest a maximum of two contact sessions per day. However, once a day is usually sufficient, followed up with Remote Mode for the rest of the day. You can certainly add a second contact treatment in the early evening to try to boost efficacy. But twice a day contact max. Protocol followers can freely and safely use the provided overnight Contact Mode presets.

You may run your Spooky Remote v1.1 BN and Spooky Remote v2.0 continuously. The Spooky Remote v1.1 MN is not recommended for prolonged use.

While remote tends to be 24/7, the basic rules of implementation are as follows:

Keep your program to 4 hours or less for a single pass. Run this repeating 4 hour or less loop 24/7 for at least 120 loops.

Typically one may just decide a week is good if the program at 120 loops takes a shorter amount of time.

Plasma is best suited for short treatments, though you may choose to run the longer overnight Presets if you wish. Always ensure there is adequate ventilation around the tube.