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A few days ago, John White, the creator of Spooky2, accepted an interview with Clive de Carle, who is a nutritionist and runs a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers.

About John White and Spooky2

John White is a writer, researcher and inventor with a background in electrical engineering, physics and the computer sciences. He has been researching and developing solutions to serious conditions since 2008. John specializes in energy and scalar resonance healing, biofeedback and PEMF pulse electric fields. With an insatiable desire for truth and knowledge, John has collaborated with other research groups to discover answers to health issues.
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About Clive de Carle

Clive de Carle has dedicated himself for over 20 years to the pursuit of understanding mental and physical performance optimization, providing cutting-edge nutritional consultancy and enabling thousands of clients to reverse the signs of illness and regain optimum health. Today, Clive has been lucky enough to have advised thousands of clients and he is more convinced than ever that most condition can be primarily explained as nutrient deficiency and toxicity.
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During the interview, John shared:

  • The new MiraMate Big Magic Deluxe Mat.
  • The benefits of PEMF treatment.
  • Which Spooky2 device is effective for improving eyesight.

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