Q1: What is the PEMF Coil used for?

The PEMF coil is a low power frequency source. It can be used for pain management, reduce inflammation, sleep disorders, entrainment, depression and anxiety, bone healing and much more.

Q2: What are the differences between using the PEMF coil with Spooky Central and the Spooky2-xm generator?

A:Spooky Coil can be used with both Spooky Central and a Spooky XM generator.
Spooky Central provides high power coil, and the generator is low power.

SC provides a high-power 100 Hz signal, but the generator can have any frequency, using any waveform, so is better suited for frequency entrainment and other healing modalities.

Q3: Is it OK to use two pemf coils at the same time?

A:Yes. It is OK. It’s a way of reducing time, providing more power and treating larger area.

Q4: Can I use the Cold Laser and PEMF Coil at the same time in one generator?

A:Using the Spooky Cold Laser Preset, you can wire your Cold Laser to Out 1, and the PEMF Coil to Out 2 and deliver frequencies using both methods at the same time.

Do not use a boosted port. If Spooky Boost is connected to the generator, use the Out 1 and Out 2 pass through ports. The laser can be damaged if a boosted signal is used.

Q5: How long and how often can I use the PEMF coil? Is there a limit?

A: Spooky2 has no limits. You can use as long as you like.
However, there are no adverse effects from using the coil too long. Treatments can safely be performed overnight.

Sometimes use of the PEMF coil with frequency sets can result in a Herx reaction. This happens when pathogens are killed and the poisons they contain are released. So take care and slowly build up treatment durations.

Q6: After connecting the PEMF Coil directly to the generator, do we still need to select frequencies from Spooky2 software to use the PEMF Coil?

A:Yes, you would still have to select frequencies to run with the coil attached to the XM generator. Here are the Notes from the software for the Shell Preset for the coil:

"Spooky Coil converts the signals from the XM generator to a magnetic field. Any frequency or waveform can be used.
Connect Spooky Coil directly to the XM generator. For more power use the MN or High Power port of Spooky Boost."

Q7: Can I imprint frequencies to water by PEMF coil?

A:Yes. Place water in a glass container on top of the PEMF coil and run healing programs with a total frequency count of less than around 8. High frequencies should restructure the water in one or two hours and very low frequencies like Schumman Resonance may take a day or two.

Not everyone believes in frequency imprinting, but it is nice to have that option available.