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Angular cheilitis is a common inflammatory skin condition affecting one or both corners of your mouth and causes swollen, irritated, and cracked sores. Although painful, angular cheilitis is usually not severe. It can last from a few days to a lifetime, depending on the underlying cause.


Normally, symptoms of angular cheilitis are solely affecting the corners of the mouth, and you may feel soreness and irritation. If it’s more severe, you may find it difficult to eat.

If you’re experiencing angular cheilitis, the corner(s) of your mouth may be:

  • Red
  • Bleeding
  • Swollen
  • Blistered
  • Cracked
  • Crusty
  • Itchy
  • Painful


Angular cheilitis has several causes. In general, saliva gets trapped and builds up in the corners of your mouth. When it dries, the tissue in the area can crack. Licking your lips can soothe your cracked skin. However, it also creates a welcoming environment for fungus and bacteria. A vicious circle is thus created.

  • Fungal infection is the most common cause of angular cheilitis.
  • A deficiency of vitamin B2 may also lead to angular cheilitis.
  • If your doctor can’t find a cause, what you have is called idiopathic angular cheilitis.

What are the risk factors?

Anyone can develop angular cheilitis, but those with poor health are more prone to get this condition.

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Licking your lips too many times a day
  • Being a smoker
  • Nutrient deficiencies, especially vitamin B
  • Poor-fitting dentures
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Loose skin around the mouth due to weight loss or aging
  • Having a weakened immune system
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Down syndrome

Treatments for Angular Cheilitis

The underlying cause of angular cheilitis will determine what treatment is suitable.

If your angular cheilitis is the result of a nutritional deficiency, your doctor will suggest specific diet or supplement advice. Increasing the intake of B2 and eating foods like eggs, and milk can help relieve cheilitis. Moreover, consuming food rich in vitamin B12, zinc, and folic acid can prevent the problem of cheilitis.

If dry mouth is causing angular cheilitis, here are steps you can take to reduce dry mouth symptoms: chewing sugar-free gum, using a humidifier, and staying well hydrated by drinking water frequently.

If your angular cheilitis is caused by a fungal infection, your doctor may recommend an antifungal cream, like nystatin, ketoconazole, clotrimazole, etc.

If your infection is bacterial, your doctor will prescribe an antibacterial medication, such as mupirocin, fusidic acid, etc.

Can Spooky2 Rife Help Relieve Angular Cheilitis?

Frequency healing therapy is an alternative therapy for angular cheilitis. It is natural, safe, and does not cause side effects.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database containing over 35,000 beneficial programs. You can use these frequencies to help yourself or your family members.

For angular cheilitis, you can search the keywords “cheilitis” to find some related frequencies. The Killing Shell Preset under the Presets tab will be more suitable for angular cheilitis.

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