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What Are Your Organs Talking About When You Stay Up Late? 2

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Heart: All organs, it’s half past ten, it’s time to go asleep.

Liver: Correct. The best sleep time is half past ten.

Kidney: We need to go to sleep early.

Brain: Don’t be noisy. I’m giving the order now, all organs go to sleep! @ALL

Heart: Good news. Finally able to rest.

Intestinal: Only a few of our old partners are left working overtime.

Appendix: It’s not fair! I want to strike!

Top Tips: 

The functions of the large intestine include excretion, and the functions of the small intestine include digestion and absorption. When the human body sleeps, the digestive system also goes to sleep. Adding meals before going to bed will increase the functional burden of the stomach. The gastrointestinal organs started to get busy again.


Brain: The night was too long and boring. Eyes, let’s go through a few more videos.

Eyes: I’ve been working all day, looking at the computer and phone. Give me a break!

Brain: This is the command.

Eyes: ……


Eyes: It’s time. You ought to rest @Brain

Heart: Where is melatonin?

Pineal Gland: Isn’t it dawn? I just got blue light from eyes. According to experience, blue light is a precursor to the sun, so I stopped secreting melatonin.

Liver: I have long said not to play with mobile phones before bed.

Top Tips:

The blue light emitted by the LED electronic screen will inhibit the secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland of the brain, making the human body mistakenly think it is daytime. So if we play with our mobile phones before going to bed, sleepiness will be delayed.


Heart: Why am I suddenly excited?

Lungs: Me, too.

Liver: What happened? @Brain

Adrenal Gland: It’s the brain directing me to work.

Brain: I like to stay up late. Don’t sleep, everyone, let’s have a carnival together.

Heart: OK. Everyone doesn’t sleep today. Heart rate goes up.

Top Tips:

Adrenaline is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands when a person experiences certain stimuli (such as excitement, fear). It can accelerate the heartbeat and blood flow, provide more energy for physical activities, and increase the body’s excitement.


DNA: I need sleep time to repair my broken body.

Brain: It’s none of my business. What will happen?

DNA: Cancer.

Immune System: Because you stay up late for a long time, the probability of errors in the DNA replication process is higher, and the frequency of cancer cells is also higher!

Cancer joined group

Cancer: Hello everyone, I am a cancer cell. My specialty is various cancers, such as gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer and so on.

Top Tips: 

Cancer cells generally originate from normal cells. It is due to errors in the DNA replication process, resulting in genetic mutations that turn normal cells into cancerous cells. Normally, the immune system will get rid of these cancer cells. But if your immune system is weakened, or if the cancer cells escape the immune system’s surveillance, the cancer cells will keep growing and eventually become difficult to repair.

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  1. So which Preset is best to help individuals fall asleep and sleep for several hours during the night. Are there any Proven frequency Presets that will provide a good nights sleep?

    1. Hi, this blog gives more advice on how to improve your sleep quality, check this link: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/spooky2-rife-a-natural-remedy-for-insomnia/

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