About Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient inside our body. It plays an important role in keeping our eyes healthy and bone developing. It can make sure of clear vision due to its ability to keep eyes and skin moist and fight infections. What’s more, Vitamin A is the main reason that caused blindness among children.

Vitamin A can obtained through many sources such as fish liver oils, beef liver, milk and many other butter products. The top sources of Vitamin A are yellow or orange fruits and vegetables which have rich pigment carotene, such as sweet potato, carrots, mango and more.

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Improves Immunity: 
Vitamin A can increase the lymphocytic against antigens which caused by disease in order to provide extra immunity for our body. It can also enhance the activity of white blood cells which can prevent the germs or viruses from entering our body.

Ensures Healthy Eyes: 
The most important benefit that Vitamin A can bring to us is its ability to improve vision. It can greatly help our eyes to deal with light changes and also keep the eyes moist, which can improve night vision at the same time. It helps to form visual purple in the eyes in order to improve the vision. Vitamin A is also able to decrease the risks of cataracts and macular degeneration which mostly caused by aging.

Ensures Soft and Supple Skin: 
Vitamin A is able to ensure a free-radicals-and-toxins body in order to protect skin from infected. It also helps to keep soft and moist skin and prevent skin from dryness and other skin conditions.

Strong Bones and Teeth: 
By helping in the formation of dentin, which is a hard material in our bone and teeth, Vitamin A is able to strengthen the bones and teeth.

Prevents Muscular Dystrophy: 
Vitamin A is essential in a proper muscle growth among children and teenagers. It is able to keep the bones healthy and therefore lower the risk of developing muscular dystrophoy.

Prevents Acne: 
Vitamin A is able to reduce the risk of acne by cutting down excess sebum production in our body. Vitamin A is an essential part in our skin tissues and mucus membranes due to its ability to remove toxins from our body and clean up the whole body system.

Slows the Aging Process: 
One more famous benefits of Vitamin A is that it is able to eliminate wrinkle on our skin and therefore reduce age spots and fine lines. Healthy skin can be provided by Vitamin A and even slow down the aging process.

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Vitamin A