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On August 26, 2018, John and Echo had a memorable meeting with more than 40 Spooky2 users in London. This was the first stop in Europe to celebrate Spooky2 5th Anniversary with our users and supporters.

John and Echo met about 10 Spooky2 users on 25th, one day before the conference.They were chatting for a whole afternoon and had dinner together. It was so much fun meeting with the lovely friends of Spooky2.

The conference started on August 26, which is informal and relaxing. It started with the introduction about Rife history and Rife machine working theory. John then gave a speech of Spooky2 mission, vision, value, and the passion. He also demonstrated the operation for both hardware and software. After that John introduced the building blocks of life, the factors that disturb balance and cause conditions, and how to rebuild health blocks to defeat conditions. Echo introduced the development story and the working theory of Spooky2 Scalar. She also shared her experience of using Spooky2 Scalar for different conditions. What’s more, all the people in the conference enjoyed scalar field treatment yesterday.

The meeting went very well and lasted for almost 7 hours. We are deeply impressed by our users’ enthusiasm and support for Spooky2. This is a great motivation for us to continuously develop Spooky2 to be the most affordable and powerful rife system.

Thank you for your attendance and active participation in the conference. And specially thanks to Charles Newman and his crew members for video recording.

We look forward to meeting you again!

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