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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 23: Solutions to End Your Smartphone Addiction Leave a comment

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End Your Smartphone Addiction:

First, we admit there’s a problem, let us make life that’s complemented, not ruled, by your smartphone.

1. Turn off your cell phone at least an hour before bed
Give your brain a chance to unwind and commit to turning off your phone an hour before bedtime. (Use a land line for emergency calls)

2. Get a real alarm clock instead of Smartphone – I challenge you not to turn your phone on again until your morning routine is finished: you’ve showered, dressed, eaten breakfast, maybe even read the paper (remember that pastime!)

3. Set certain times to check your phone – help your productivity by designating certain times to glance at your smartphone. (ones/hour for 5 min break)

4. Establish phone – free zones: Mealtimes are a good place to start, and bedroom

5. Engage in real human contact We’re social creatures who thrive on real human interaction. That’s something a smartphone just can’t replicate.

Monitor your cell phone use.

Crate a plan for your phone use.

Offer your self rewards for less time spent on your phone.

Customize notification on smarthphone.


Take a cell phone holiday and go for trekking.

Get rid of unnecessary apps.

Spend more time with friends.

Ingage in other mood busting actvities.

Write some journals and night and study story books – keep yourself busy.

Redirect your attention by doing something constructive.

Switch back to a feature phone.

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