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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 24: How to Overcome Phubbing Leave a comment

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How to Overcome Phubbing Addiction.

Learn how to spend time without your phone – Schedule a Phone-Free Hour- you and your partner spend some quality time together.

Make it a personal rule to not look at your phone unless it’s an emergency of some kind.

Try to refrain from mindlessly scrolling links between social media and mental illness.

Set Up Phone – Free Zones-making bedroom in your house technology – free or at least, phone – free zones. Not using technology while eating meals together.

Don’t Phub Others for Work.

We don’t want to trade our most precious relationships to our work 24 – 7. Just because this behavior is common today doesn’t mean that it’s normal or healthy.

Center Your Mind- exercise, prayer and meditation can also help to break addictions to technology

Smart – phone Safety Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Cell phones cause serious condition – Developing a 5G network is moving forward despite the fact that we don’t even remotely understand 5G health effects.

1. Limiting a child’s screen time and avoiding exposure to cell phones and other devices emitting electromagnetic radiation.

2. Hold your phone away from your body and text rather than call when possible. Distance lowers your exposure dramatically.

3. Don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket or bra. Keep it off of your body.

4. If you’re watching a movie on your device, download it and watch it in airplane mode.

5. Use speakerphone when you do make a call.

6. Use text messaging when possible.

7. Use cell phone in speaker mode or hand free.

8. Make only short essential calls on the cell phone – amount of radiation is not safe and no body can guaranty it is.

9. Do not talk/text and drive or walk, reports of injuries are increasing.

10.To avoid unnecessary radiation first download the movie and then watch off line.

11. Use your phone when receiving strong signal, when signal is low (when in bus, elevator, department store) the radiation increases.

12. Do not give smart phones to babies, it is not toy but highly damaging to their health.

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