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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 4: 3 Actions Necessary to Heal Ourselves Leave a comment

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The most compressed guide, the simplified map to health

Most people believe that health and healing is very complicated and is beyond their reach.
This video will show the building blocks of health restoring process. You will get confidence that you can take care of your health.
So in order to start healing your self, you can take these three actions:
1. Stop taking toxins into your system.
2. Detoxify your system.
3. Regenerate your system.

Four simultaneous levels of 3 actions:
1. Physical- stop toxic intake, detox, regenerate.
2. Mental -stop toxic intake, detox, regenerate.
3. Social -stop toxic intake, detox, regenerate.
4. Environmental -replace toxic production, clear damage and regenerate environment.

1. Restore balance of physical level:

  • We need to stop or reduce taking into body toxic: Food, water, air, household products, electromagnetic pollution
  • Detoxify whole body, all systems: Intestinal cleansing, colon detox, heavy metal cleanse, clean kidneys, gallbladder, lymph, liver, and blood.
  • Regenerate all body-systems by:

1) Sufficient sleep time: you can not be overemphasized, 8 to 9 hours is a must for most people.

2) Exercise for life: Even if you are ill, some stretching and some breathing exercises daily are not only to make a big difference, but are necessary.

3) Water: We need to drink a minimum of two litters or two quarts of pure water every day in addition to our food intake. It is desirable to drink alkaline water on higher Ph level.

4) Meditation and Relaxation: Use whatever works for you to help you relax. Start with just observing or becoming aware of your breathing. Learn a meditation, or pray quietly — morning and evening. Use a herbal relaxation tonic,if it is needed.

5) Daily and seasonal routines.

6) By herbs, minerals, frequencies- vibration spectrum

Use of technology like frequency generators and other quantum technology based equipment-is very useful and important:

  • Older people and people who are weaked by condition can not easily apply natural self healing methods.
  • Very busy people who do not have time to generate results.By using natural methods can be helped by technology.
  • When natural remedies are not easily available.

2. To restore balance on mental/emotional level, we need to:

  • Return to the self by getting time to regenerate yourself.
  • Sleep 8 – 9 hours (follow healthy daily & seasonal routine according to you body type).
  • Meditate (transcend) daily (chose good/effective meditation/relaxation technique). like TM that provides regular transcending (peak experience and self-actualization).

3. To restore balance on social – relations level,we need to:

  • Find way to allow your natural personal creative expression.
  • Start giving and sharing.
  • Helping others in need.
  • Meditate or relax to get to know who you are and how interconnected and interdependent human race is.

4. To restore balance on environmental level, we need to:

  • Spend more time in nature discovering our original and most nourishing habitat.
  • Do meaningful activities in wilderness and protect it from urbanization.
  • Do your gardening, even in the room will help.
  • Devote time to observing life of nature and experiencing interdependence.

12 easy tips to start regaining your health.

The following are simple recommendations that you can start incorporating into your life now:

1. Be aware of the toxicity of your personal care and cleaning products. Read the ingredients in your personal care and cleaning products. Try using natural substances to clean such as baking soda powder or vinegar.

2. Eat fresh organic foods grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals. Avoid the fish with the highest mercury content such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tuna. Consume wild instead of farmed.

3. Consume wild foods that have not been processed or refined as little as possible like fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, and whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice.

4. Avoid sugar ,it acts like a toxin in the body by creating inflammation in the system which can lead to pain in the body, blood sugar issues and cardiovascular condition. It decreases immune function and limit the liver’s effective filtering of the blood.

5. Eat more frequently throughout the day but smaller amounts. Eating small breakfast, lunch and dinner until you are two-thirds full with healthy snacks in between.It is a good way to keep blood sugar steady and your energy levels high and help you lose some extra weight.

6. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day to reduce blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, increase your sense of well-being, shed weight, improve mood, get rid of toxins, improve bone health, etc.

7. To have at least 8 hours of sleep per night and go to bed by 10 pm is important for our bodies to grow and repair tissues and have enough energy throughout the day. It affects our immune system, improves brain health and allows us to process new information.

8. Practice deep breathing exercises to improve lung health and reduce daily stress, anxiety and your heart rate. Starting by breathing deeply in through your nose to fill your chest and out through your mouth.

9. Drink one cup of filtered water every hour of your work. Help your body regulate its fluid balance daily, get rid of toxins, transport nutrients, help the bowels and kidneys function better, etc. Consume half your body weight in ounces per day.

10. Activate digestion by adding small amount of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in some water before each meal. This will increase digestion by increasing stomach acid and enzymes.It is necessary for breaking down your food properly for better assimilation and absorption in the lower digestive tract.

11. Take supplements as needed. The same applies to energy enhancers, joints support, stress reducers, and similar natural formulas. If you eat toxic food than you need to detox and cleanse your system more often. Most of us are not perfect in our dietary habits, but we may gradually improve. Introduce one healthy day each week, a one day juice fast. Our body has great ability to repair itself – give it a chance! Vegetable and fresh fruit juices are the most acceptable combination for beginners. The vegetable juice contain less sugar and are more alkaline.

12. Fast one day a week on juice. (You may include chlorella or spirulina).
If you seriously distorted your health, start the juice fast immediately. Drink a glass full of juice every hour, up to 4 liters/ 1 gallon a day and it should be repeated until health is normalized.

To make your natural healing process faster, we detoxify and cleanse our colon, liver, kidneys and blood, parasites 4 times per year, ideally at the change of seasons. Or at least two times, at spring and fall.

13. Running Terrain protocol using Spooky2 Rife Machine.

It helps you Detox parasites die offs, mercury, chemicals, heavy metals and other systems toxins from your full body system, including your liver, kidneys, GI, blood, lymph and intestines, etc. Terrain protocol will also support your organs and do maintenance to your body system. You are free to do anything while running the program, and will not be tethered to any machine, since the treatment is done remotely.

Healing your body is more than your health. of organs, systems, cells, bio-chemistry, etc. it involves functions of your mind, your soul, and your body, your family and environment. You need it all!

Take care of the whole you, get started now, You already have some of the keys… Yours is to unlock and find your inner solutions and answers, When we understand how to get our whole system in balance, we can start eliminating specific health problems.

In the next videos, I will explain in more details about how to detox and start describing actions. It is necessary to heal specific health problems.

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