Q1: What are the differences between the new Remote v2.0 and the previous model?

A: The differences are as below:
1. Can be used for both healing and killing presets.
2. No fatigue during long-term use.
3. The DNA can be placed anywhere within the holder. There is preferential centre point.
4. More consistent results.
5. Better frequency response.
6. Protection against sharp edges.
7. Improved indication lights.
8. Simplified DNA insertion and removal using an innovative clamping mechanism.
9. Silent operation.

Q2: When you say the new remote is silent, does this mean that it will produce no high pitch noise?

A: Yes. And no low-pitched noise. Perfect silence.

Q3: Will the new remote work with the old style Spooky2 boost, and vice versa?

A: Yes, the connection of both remotes and boosts are the same as before, so you can mix them.

Q4: What makes this new remote so much more effective?

A: The internal design has been completely overhauled using the results of six extensive trials. Subsequent long-term tests have proven how good this new remote really is.

Q5: Will these new products come standard in the Spooky kits?

A: Yes, they will come standard in the kits. The old remotes will still be on sale for people who want them, but not the old boosts.

Q6: What does it mean in the description "DNA can be placed anywhere within the holder "

A: The old remote required the DNA to be placed as close the the centre of the holder as possible. The new remote does not have this restriction. The DNA can be placed anywhere within the holder. The effectiveness is not reduced at the edges.

Spooky Remote v2.0