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What Source of DNA for Remote Rife and How Long It Lasts 39

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What source of DNA for remote rife and how long it lasts?

Nails: the DNA contained in fingernails is encased in hard keratin which protects it from degradation. In theory, it should be good to use for scalar transmission forever, and indeed some practitioners never change their specimens.

However, my research suggests that since photonic energy has been shown to be intimately bound up with DNA, nail specimens may be best renewed each month.

Russian experiments show that the photonic energy “imprint” which “shadows” DNA fades after this time.

If you choose to change your samples regularly, you may wish to substitute lightweight cigarette rolling papers for paper masking tape.

Saliva: cut a strip of blank paper (blotting paper is best) about two inches long and one inch wide. Place the top one-third of this in your mouth for about five minutes, or until it becomes saturated with saliva. Allow it to air-dry for about 10-20 minutes before placing it into your Remote. Good for about three days.

Buccal Skin Cells: this is how police do large-scale DNA testing after certain serious crimes. As above, use a strip of paper, but don’t allow it to soak in your mouth. Instead, rub the top one-third gently but firmly against the inside of your cheek for a moment. If it becomes wet, allow it to air-dry as above. Good for about 4-5 days.

Blood: for this you need a pack of lancets designed for diabetics to safely test blood sugar levels. These are inexpensive and available from all pharmacies. Wash your hands thoroughly first, then follow the directions on the pack. Smear the droplet of blood on the top one-third of a strip of paper. Allow to air-dry for a few moments. Good for about 5-6 days.

Hair: the shaft contains no DNA, only RNA. So it must have the root “bulb” attached. Good for about two days.

To learn how to put DNA samples in the Spooky Remote, pls check here: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-put-dna-samples-in-the-spooky-remote/

Authored by David Bourke, Spooky2 Core Member

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  1. That’s very useful
    Can I use the remote with pets and if so what’s the best sample to get from them ?

    1. Hi, Mandy. You can use remote for pets. Here are the details: http://bit.ly/2Ix5tNJ

      1. For the E shaped plate remotes, can you spit directly on it? Or do you have to do this paper method also?

        1. Hi, that plate is Simple Digitizer. We do not recommend using this item to run programs, it is mainly for doing sample bfb scan. And you need some fluid samples to do bfb scan. Directly place these samples on the plate, no need to use paper to cover them.

  2. 1. I am concerned about the nail viability of a month. I am trying to help two people who live in an African country where their nail DNA samples posted ‘Airmail’ took 32 days to reach me. (We were surprised they even got here) So disappointing! However I will continue to try treating them.
    2. Does the weight of the paper used to sandwich the samples have any detrimental effect? As I am helping 4 people at the moment i have color coded the samples by using the different colored circular sticky labels bought in the stationary store.

    1. 1. The nail can last the longest time of all sample. You can check last time of different DNA sources here: http://bit.ly/2GtYJxA Maybe you can choose another courier company.
      2. The weight of the paper doesn’t have any detrimental effect on nails. It recommended using opaque tape or paper to cover the fingernails. It is wise of you to have color-coded samples so you can distinguish.

  3. Is it important that the tape is completely sealed and encasing the nail?

    1. It does not matter tape isn’t completely sealed and encasing the nail. Frequencies will easily penetrate thick tape. Tape can differ your DNA from other’s DNA.

  4. I was using hair, making sure I have the roots, and originally it was good for 30 days. Why has this been lowered to such a short time? With multiple remotes it’s difficult and sort of removes the remote part.

    Christina Hart
    1. You can refer to your program interface in the software for a detailed introduction, there will be time, how to use it, etc. We recommend that you can use multiple remotes at the same time

  5. My wife uses nail polish remover regularly to refinish her nails. WIll that degrade the quality of the DNA used in the remote?

    1. Not really. If you’re worried, you can use other sources that contain DNA.
      please check this link:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/what-source-of-dna-for-remote-rife-and-how-long-it-lasts/

  6. Im new to this. Can you use 2 different people’s nails to run a program on both of them at the same time?

    1. If 2 different people’s nails for the same disease, yes, you can 2 different people’s nails to run a program on both of them at the same time.

  7. Question you put a sample enclosed in the white paper and place inside the remote. presets DNA click on parasite, click on remote then what do you do to find out what it is enclosed in the white paper?

    1. Hi, do you mean to find out what kinds of parasites you have?

  8. I never received the round pads for the samples and have been using white tissue paper, is this ok?

    Louise Walton
  9. how do you do a remote healing for someone who is not present and whose DNA you do not have

    1. You can take the DNA sample with the longest shelf life – fingernails, which are valid for one month. You can ask your friend to cut a nail and send it to you.

  10. Hello! Is it ok to just put your fingernails into the device without any paper? and if not could you explain why the paper(or whatever you use) is necessary? Thank you very much!

    Michael Shugart
    1. No. You need to wrap your nails with tape. These tapes will prevent contamination of your DNA sample.

      1. or would medical tape be better?

        Michael Shugart
        1. It’s okay:)

  11. Hello! is it necessary to use tape/paper or can you just put the fingernails inside the device by themselves?

    Michael Shugart
    1. Hi, Michael. We suggest wrapping your nails with tape. These tapes will prevent contamination of your DNA sample.

      1. Would scotch tape work?

        Michael Shugart
  12. So stupid question maybe, but my husband has a nail biting problem (and is bald) can I use a toe nail???? 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Yes, of course you can, no worries:)

  13. I often “stack” nails, add a new one with one piece of tape on top. Is there any benefit to having more than one nail, per person on the same remote?

    1. Dear friend, Nails are only used as DNA samples, and the amount has nothing to do with it.

  14. Are toe nails ok too?

    Jenefer Barnes
    1. Dear Jenefer, yeah that’s ok.

  15. I currently have my nails running the terrain in one remote on gen X pro..if I want to run another program on the other remote do I need another nail sample on the second remote?

    1. Dear Sarah, yes, you need another nail sample on the second remote to run another program. Hope it helps.

  16. 1) can you use a picture of someone if you don’t have DNA?
    2) can you boost the voltage o remote from 5v to 20v? If yes how? Would that give stronger results?

    antonella ercolani
    1. Dear friend, remote mode requires dna to run, so you can’t use images instead. And you can change the amplitude in the upper left of the settings tab, here is a blog about how much amplitude should be used: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-much-amplitude-should-i-use/. Hope it helps. any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected].

  17. How does it “read” DNA?

    1. Dear Jo, we have adopted the principle of quantum entanglement, and hope this blog will be of good help to you: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/working-theory-of-spooky-remote/. Any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected].

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