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Spooky2 Forum Adds New Spooky Outreach Section Leave a comment

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You have probably noticed a number of new forums created under a new category called Spooky Outreach. This post will explain what you will expect from the new section.

Training & User Groups

The Spooky Training forum will deal with the setting up of Spooky2 Rife System training at national levels. Members can register their interest in becoming part of this initiative here. As this progresses, this forum will be divided into separate regional training forums.

Spooky Underground

The Spooky Underground forum will be a rendezvous where Members can put their special skills at the disposal of the team and the greater Spooky family. Skill sets can range from horticulture and microscopy to programming and design.

Whether it’s your job or your hobby, if it’s important to the future of mankind, or of Spooky2, if you’re good at it, and you love doing it, the Spooky Underground is your opportunity to be part of the Spooky team.

Spooky Aides

We will create a new Membership category to be called Spooky Aides. Spooky Aides require a good heart as well as a good knowledge of setting up, testing and troubleshooting various Spooky2 rigs. They should also be able to find their way around Windows.

They will help new users to set up their rigs correctly, and provide enough basic instruction so that users know how to run killing and healing Presets after the session is finished.

This will be done remotely using TeamViewer, and a short training PDF for Spooky Aides will be supplied by us.

This new forum is exclusively for Spooky Aides which will be inaccessible and invisible to those who are not members of the new category, except for Administrators and Moderators. This will enable Spooky Aides and the Spooky team to communicate with privacy and security.

If you’d like to help expand the Spooky family by volunteering as a Spooky Aide, please PM David.

Spooky Setup Help

This is where posts seeking setup or troubleshooting assistance can be made. Spooky Aides will then contact the posters via PM to make appropriate arrangements.

Health & Well-being Advisory Panel

Its function is to advise the Spooky2 team when required. The panel will have formally qualified members with expertise in various modalities of medicine and healing (including veterinary medicine). A number of potential candidates have already been identified and will be approached by PM in the next few days.

PMs from healers who may wish to be a part of this are also welcome.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the new Spooky Outreach section, please feel free to contact us at any time. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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