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Spooky2 01062016 and Italian Version Uploaded Leave a comment

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We’ve just uploaded the 1 June release of Spooky2, together with the updated Spooky2 User’s Guide and an updated database to the usual place:


In addition, there is also a new Italian language version of the software, thanks to the esteemed Marcello Allegretti.

Changes for this month are:

New: added Preset – JW-Spooky Coil (XM Direct). This converts the generator output to a powerful magnetic field, and the coil may be connected to BN, MN, or High Power (Spooky Boost 3.0) outputs for extra power.

Improved: changed position of Channel Control panel so that the Channel buttons are all now visible when the panel is opened. The version text in the Toolbar has also been raised.

Improved: function of Beat Frequencies Hz checkbox in the Outs pane – if the database frequency has not been raised by any harmonic value, then just half the database frequency is now subtracted rather than all of it. This runs a sub-harmonic Beat Frequency instead of allowing Out 2 to run at 0Hz.

Improved: Outs pane – the Hz checkbox is now disabled when Inverse+Sync or Spike+Sync are enabled.

Improved: Channel Control Panel – Estimated Run Time and Treatment Duration lines positioning.

Improved: Status Bar – the TE and WE fields have been removed as obsolete. Code improvements now mean that Timer Errors or Write conflicts are no longer possible.

Improved: code for handling illegal database command entries.

Fixed: bug that prevented very long Programs/Presets from terminating or looping correctly.

Fixed: various code fixes and optimisations.

Database: entries from A-U now have verbose Additional Notes, with additions and corrections.

IMPORTANT: all users currently running the Full Terrain Protocol Preset should pause the Channel, note down the position reached, do the update, then resume where they left off.

Please note that this release will be the last monthly update for the foreseeable future. Instead, new versions and User’s Guides will be released every two months. This means that except for any hotfixes necessary (which will be released as betas), the next official release will be on 1 August 2016.

This is to allow the newly-expanded Spooky Core team the time and breathing space required to work on a number of important new Spooky projects.

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