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Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro Official Release 4

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Dear Spooky2 friends,

How are you?

Is the weather getting warmer in your region? Spring is the season symbolizing a fresh start, so let’s get started with some positive changes!

The Spooky2 team has been busy trying to make the world a better place. Today, we are excited to announce the official release of our brand-new Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro!

What makes the new GeneratorX “Pro”?

The new Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro is the next generation of GeneratorX, with significant performance improvements over the previous model. To summarize the innovations, there are four main points:

  1. Improved frequency resolution (8 decimal places all the way up to 40 MHz).
  2. Offline frequency resolution increased from 2 decimal places to 8 decimal places.
  3. Improved built-in amplitude modulation.
  4. Upgradable firmware.

How have we upgraded the Generator?

Under the bonnet, the microprocessors have been upgraded to the latest and fastest leading-edge versions available, improving overall responsiveness, accuracy, and repeatability in all areas of operation.

While the original GX had 2 decimal places for high frequencies, GX Pro has increased this to an incredible 8 decimal places for razor-sharp precision. Frequencies can be specified with sub-micro hertz resolution (0.00000001 Hz) all the way up to 40 MHz, making it another world-first for Rife-style generators.

Amplitude modulation is another process now handled by the internal microprocessors. Modulation depth and accuracy are repeatable and guaranteed. Treatments that require a carrier frequency or modulation will greatly benefit from this stability and performance.

GX Pro is a truly remarkable Rife-style generator, capable of delivering frequencies with incredible speed and accuracy. Click the button below to shop now.

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  1. Hello Michelle, I am very interested in purchasing one of these, machinines. I am a nurse, interested in alternative healing, but I want to know which is the one you talk about, where you put your nails and it will find out what needs healing. I have got Lupus, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as suffering with different severe allergic reactions. I am desperately in need to heal myself. Can you please help me, as I want to purchase the one you talked about.

    Kind regards


    Zulay Howard-Davies
    1. Hi, GX Essential Kit is always the most recommended for new users: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/product/spooky2-generatorx-essential-kit/
      You can know more about our products from this page: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/about-spooky2/
      And the function you mentioned, it is Biofeedback scan, you can learn more about this mode in this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/understanding-biofeedback-scan/
      Any other questions, please feel free to contact our support team [email protected], they are willing to help you at any time:)
      And If you are interested in frequency treatment or our Spooky2 machines, you are welcome to join our Facebook group more than 41k people sharing their experience and stories here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2
      l believe you can get much amazing information from our group:)

  2. Is it possible to use Pulse Scan with the GenXPro?

    1. Dear Margarida, yes, you can use GXPro to do Pulse Scan, but you need to have the Spooky2 Pulse device. If you have a GXPro, most of the time you can opt for a faster way to do a biofeedback scan, here is a blog about the four ways to do a biofeedback scan: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/four-ways-of-running-spooky2-biofeedback-scans/. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email: [email protected].

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