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Spooky2 Rife: An Effective Therapy That Helps You Stay Away From Headaches 2

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We all experience headaches from time to time when feeling unwell, have a cold, stay up late for a week, or unfortunately hit the head by accident.

Most headaches are minor and do not cause any further complications. However, some may be a sign or symptoms of some severe conditions. In general, headaches can be roughly divided into two categories: primary headaches and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches are generally caused by unhealthy lifestyles, while secondary headaches are the symptoms of underlying health conditions. Primary ones are often not dangerous and can be relieved by lifestyle improvements. However, we should pay more attention to secondary headaches as they are the health warnings sent by our bodies. If the headache persists, it is necessary that you seek professional medical help on time.

What triggers our primary and secondary headaches?

Causes of primary headaches:

  • Drink too much alcohol, especially red wine. Some people tend to have a sip of wine before sleep to improve sleep quality, as some health blog writers suggested. However, this habit can actually trigger headaches when you drink too much.
  • Foods containing too many nitrates, like processed meats.
  • Heavy smoker.
  • Having lack of sleep or is suffering from a sleep disorder.
  • Poor sitting or standing posture.
  • Excessive exercise or not eating meals properly.

Causes of secondary headaches:

  • Sinusitis. Sinusitis can get your sinuses compressed, and then headaches might occur.
  • Taking too many medicines. For quick headache relief, you may seek help from pain relievers. However, taking too much of the medication may lead to a medication overuse headache.
  • A spinal tap may cause spinal headaches.
  • Problems with blood vessels or bleeding in the brain can cause thunderclap headaches, which require immediate medical attention.

How to treat headaches effectively?

Treatments will vary depending on the type and cause of the headache. Since bad habits can cause primary headaches, adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you improve effectively.

Or, you may try Spooky2 Rife.

Testimonials of relieving headaches shared by Spooky2 users

Case 1:

“So, I had a fall on Saturday night. Then Sunday, I had a bad headache. Before Spooky2, I would have been trying anything to get rid of the headache, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, pain meds, creams, etc. I would get wiped out and have to sleep. I decided to do something different. I used Remote and chose different headache programs to chain together. I added a headache caused by spinal (vertebral) misalignment because, after my fall, my neck was messed up. The headache went away within an hour! No meds or anything else. It still amazes me even though I know it works and I have confidence in it.”

As our Spooky2 user mentioned in this review, the Spooky 2 Remote Mode is effective for relieving headaches.

If you are bothered by persistent headaches, then give Spooky2 a try.

Choose the Remote Shell (empty) Preset under the Preset tab, and enter into the Healing (R) – JW.

Then, search the keyword “headache” under the Programs tab, and you can see many headache-related frequencies. You can double-click one/some frequency(s) to load based on your conditions.

Case 2:

“I don’t have much of a testimonial yet, but I’ve been running the terrain detox along with the daily wellness preset. I used to get random headaches, and they seem to have disappeared. I definitely feel like I have more energy throughout the day. It’s a very subtle change. Looking forward to getting more generators and start doing the biofeedback process! Thank you so much to the Spooky2 team!”

This Spooky2 user runs the Terrain Detox and Daily Wellness at the same time, which have worked well for many people.

Select the Terrain – BY Protocol under the Preset tab. The Terrain Protocol prepares the terrain in your body to be more available or receptive to further Rife treatments.

Along with the Terrain Detox, you can also run the Daily Wellness(R)-BY to get better treatment effects. Daily Wellness(R)-BY can be used in Remote Mode only.

It is recommended to start this preset an hour before you go to bed and remain it running during sleep. You’ll feel refreshed, and the headache will lessen the next day.

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  1. The Daily Wellness preset/s look fantastic!~ I might even suggest “brilliant”.

    1. Hi, glad to know this preset is good for you. l believe you will get some good results soon:)

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