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How to Use Spooky2 Rife for Persistent Pins and Needles 2

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Pins and needles are a sign of nerves being irritated and sending extra signals back to the brain. We can think of them as traffic jams in our nervous system. When traffic is smooth, tiny electrical impulses move along the nerves from our spine to our arms and legs, and the sensations then move back up to the brain.

However, when a nerve is compressed by pressure, it causes a roadblock, and the nervous system cannot carry the electrical impulses around. This lead to an insufficient blood supply, numbness, tingling, or pricking feeling in the affected area.

They normally happen when you have stayed in an awkward position for long periods, e.g., sitting cross-legged or leaning too much on an arm or leg. Often, these sensations last only a few minutes. Position changes can quickly help you return to normal as the nerves are not being compressed, allowing blood to circulate through the nerves.

However, persistent pins and needles are sometimes caused by nerve injury, nerve inflammation, or health disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and peripheral neuropathy. Always seek professional medical help if you experience persistent pins and needles.

Causes of pins and needles

Pins and needles are generally due to nerve-related conditions, and since our extremities have the greatest number of nerves, they are also the most commonly affected parts of the body.

Pressure on nerves: It generally occurs when we sit on our feet for some period. This type will not interfere with our daily activities as it gets better when we adjust our positions.

Trapped nerves: Pins and needles can also be due to a trapped nerve. For example, a herniated disc can cause numbness in your spinal nerve.

Nerve injury: Nerve injuries may cause pins and needles and are especially common for people who use vibrating tools a lot during work.

Nerve condition: Pins and needles may also be the symptoms of nerve conditions or neuropathy, which is characterized by a lack of sensory information in the brain due to damage to sensory nerves.

Sciatica: Sciatica can damage blood vessels and nerves in the spine, leading to pins and needles in your back.

How to Use Spooky2 Rife for Persistent Pins and Needles

Frequency healing solution is an alternative solution for persistent pins and needles. It is natural, safe, and does not cause side effects.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database containing over 35,000 beneficial programs. You can use these frequencies to help yourself or your family members.

For pins and needles, you can search the keywords “numbness”, “nerve” or “blood” to find some related frequencies.

And if your symptoms are caused by other conditions, such as sciatica, you can directly run condition-related frequencies.

Here, we would also recommend some popular presets/programs to help you regain energy: Solfeggio Frequencies Program, Schumann Resonance (CAFL) Preset, and Terrain Detox Preset.

Rife frequencies allow you to discover more possibilities for your health!

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