Spooky2 Training Course in Nancy, France 2

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On the 13th and 14th of June, an advanced training course occurred in Nancy. Covered topics dealt with the many ways of creating or saving items in Spooky2 (programs, presets, chains, frequencies, waveforms), the way to start a chain from the moment it stopped or from whenever you want, biofeedback (baseline + automatic chaining with its killing) and the lecture of spooky2 protocols, from detox, “Morgellons and Lyme” as well as some interesting use of polarized current to supplement oneself with zinc or to evacuate heavy metal from the body. Further topics were also discussed.

This course proves that Spooky2 is a very versatile Rife machine, not limited to standard rife treatments.

The ten people gathered together were studious in a relaxed ambiance under the pleasant weather of Lorraine.

Spooky2 is maturing! In order to facilitate you to use our products,  there will be more training courses waiting for you!

NOTE: We have compiled some previous training videos for you to watch as needed:
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  1. Hi, Please can you inform me when there will be another training course in the east of France.

    Paul Willis
    1. Sorry, we are not sure yet, but as soon as there is any further news, we will send you an email in advance.

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