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Using Spectrum Sweeps 2

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Have you been interested in trying the Spooky Spectrum Sweep or Converge Sweep, but felt that it may be too difficult, and so you stayed away?

Well, how about trying a Spooky Converge Sweep that targets the area Hulda Clark defined as where most pathogens live?

The following shows how to setup a Spectrum Sweep that targets 76000 Hz to 880000 Hz, attacking the pathogens from both ends. The sweep will transmit in both directions; low to high, and high to low by using a Spooky Boost or two Spooky Remotes.

First we will need to create the actual custom Spectrum Converge Sweep. Then you will need to setup a preset to execute the sweep.

I will walk you through both steps in the first three comments.

First let’s create the custom Spectrum Converge Sweep.

In Spooky2, go to the File menu, and select Create Spectrum Sweep.

A new window will pop up that looks like the following. Fill it out using the information shown in the image below and save.

After you have saved the information, go to the Database menu, and click on Refresh Database.

Then, we will need to setup Spooky2 to run the newly created Spooky HC Converge Sweep.

Use the image below to setup the program options. Once you are done, you can save this as a preset by giving it a name in the Program Preset field and clicking the large + to the right. This will make it easy to recall the program for future use.

To be able to edit and set the Out 2 Controls, you must select Follow Out 1 first.

Of note, the repeat program setting in the following screen shot is set to 0. When you go to run this, you may want to choose how many repetitions to use. The entire sweep takes 3,333 seconds to complete (interesting number synchronicity) or 55 minutes, 33 seconds. At a minimum I would suggest running for at least a full day.

If you do not have a Spooky Boost, you can plug two Spooky Remotes into each output of the generator.

If you do not have two Spooky Remotes, you can still run this with a single Spooky Remote installed on output 1, you will just loose the benefit of the reverse sweep.

For August 2016 Software and above:

Please enter the settings here:

For July 2016 software and below:

It is important to note that due to the power requirements of a Spectrum Sweep, this is currently only viable via remote or plasma applications. If plasma is used, select Square waves, 5 volts Amplitude and 0% offset.

Contact mode is not an option. Each frequency will only have .208 volts to work with. This is much too low to be effective.

Here is the presets for Spooky Sweep if you need: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/presets-for-spooky-sweep/

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  1. Will using the preset Hulda Clark Dual Spectrum Sweep full accomplish the same as above without entering specific areas to be swept? What is the difference between the different sweeps – Converge, Rife Harmonic, Spectrum, and Hulda Clark? Is there a site that gives more info on the use of different presets? Thank you

    1. Hi, Spooky Spectrum Sweep
      This Preset runs until it’s stopped manually. Transmits two simultaneous sweeps – one targets fundamental frequencies and harmonics of all pathogenic organisms, the other is fine-grained and targets fundamentals only. Can be used for pests and mold.

      Rife Harmonic Preset
      It was designed to target Rife’s original frequencies values given for
      B or E Coli Rod & Virus,
      BX and BY,
      Pnuemonia or spinal menigitis
      Staph Aureus,
      Strep Pyogenes,
      TB Rod & Virus,
      Typhoid Rod & Virus.

      and to be a sweep that could be run occasionally.

      Converge Sweep (Remote use only).
      This Preset runs until it’s stopped manually. Targets the fundamental frequencies and harmonics of all pathogenic organisms. Transmits two simultaneous sweeps – one proceeds from low to high, the other from high to low.

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