For killing, the Spectrum Sweeps are convenient and very powerful. It outputs multiple simultaneous frequencies by generating a sweep on each output, which targets the waveband where most pathogens live. However, everything dies. Good, bad, small, big. With that said, you have to maintain good flora health by eating fermented foods or other means. For using Spectrum sweep, please check here:

Most powerful of all, but not quite as convenient, are Spooky Pulse scan results. Spooky Pulse has now clearly shown itself capable of detecting early cancer. You can directly use killing for pulse scan results. If you are doing a biofeedback scan for healing frequencies you would choose Min BPM as this detects the most relaxed state rather than the most stressed.

For August 2016 Software and above:

For July 2016 software and below:

For Spooky Pulse Training, please check here:

To choose frequencies, it's best to adjunct or alternate with targeted database sets. If you can't find the relevant frequency for your disease. You can try to type half of the word to see if there are results coming out. Or you can search this disease on Wikipedia to see if it has other names. For example, if we search Scleredema in our software, there will be no results, but if we use Sclerosis to search, we will find many of them.

The effectiveness or otherwise of database sets also depends on the accuracy of your diagnosis. It's possible, too, that a different strain or a mutation of the pathogen is involved. Either way, if you get no results after 2-3 days, you should try another database set instead. Sometimes some disease are associated with other pathogens, you can search frequencies for these associated ones. Or you may find the source of the disease, then target it.

In Summary, for healing, I would use either Pulse results or targeted database sets. The Spectrum Sweeps are designed for killing. Most healing works through frequency entrainment, and sweeps don’t work for this process.