What Every Woman Must Know About Women's Health

What Every Woman Must Know About Women’s Health 2

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Numerous generations (more than 80%) live in constant misery (physically, emotionally, financially) due to the unsustainable system.
This writing is to help you get to simplicity of life. The seekers of reality spend life times searching, often without significant results. Here, you may find a jewel polished over many life times by greatest independent scientist and spiritual seekers. Be alert, there is a lot in – between lines.
This instructions are sufficient to get you on your own path of self healing and mastery of your life. It is simple, so everybody, even with slight determination, can benefit and finally experience that mystical happiness without fighting for it.
This article is for those women (and men) who wont to get out of vicious circle of dependency? If you are one, then keep reading.

Forgotten Dignity and Power

In a healthy society, women have a special place in the hearth of every man: as their mothers, spouses, friends, partners, relatives and mothers of children. But women are much more then we can explain by words.
How many of us remember our inner (magical) powers to create and heal! Our real holy duty, forgotten.

Please pay attention to the text below, it may be your guiding light in darkest moments!
Forgotten role of women according to the words of a fully developed human being – a saint:
“Woman is at the top of creation. This is her place and her dharma and this she must never lose, for if she does, there will be wars, suffering and cruelty. Because she is the opposite of all this things. The nervous system of a woman is more refined and much more delicate than that of a man. She is the first to sense the good, the pure, the beautiful and the divine.”

“The role of woman in life of society is divine, her capacity is unbounded. The dignity of woman’s life is infinite, her capacity is unbounded. She fulfills the role of a sustainer, creator and promoter of life. She is the focal point from which radiates serenity. In the fast changing world of today her vision penetrates into the reality of the far beyond, the reality which endures beyond changes.”

“By nature man is more gross. His position is to deal with the world, so he must be able to deal with stress.”
Woman is balance, a balance of all nature. She takes in the stress of her husband and children and does not pass it on. Healing is in the laps of mother. She heals the child’s soul. Her place is to see that man goes for consciousness.

A woman should not get tired, her structure is for finer things. For creation of more effective people the purity of the mother’s life is of great concern. Mother’s life is expression of the creative power of nature. Impurity brings ineffectiveness and destruction is the result.”
“Woman’s beauty is consciousness.”- by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The Dark Side Trend: Destruction of Traditional Family

Did you notice recent cultural trends, labeled as “liberal”, that systematically weaken natural role of women and parents in a family.
Why somebody would have interest in weakening institution of a family?

It is well known that only stable family can create healthy and creative, constructive (positive) children able to be great leaders and progressive innovators. Family problems, especially mother’s are reflected on physical and mental health of children and their future activities as professionals as well as their ability to create their healthy family.

We get bunch of new adults who do not have inner mental/emotional strength, preoccupied with numerous health and financial problems, totally dependent on the system they belong to, so they are good consumers and easily manipulated for higher corporate – political – economic and other interests.

What brings Conventional Medical Approach

In modern medical approach doctors take the healing on themselves, and fight the disease with chemical drugs or by surgical procedures that temporary remove the symptoms but due to unwonted side effects medications often hurt other organs and cause new diseases. In case of surgery of your organs, being altered or removed, leaves you with irreversible surgical impairment.
Conventional form of healing is good for those people who do not wish to take responsibility for their health and refuse to make healthy lifestyle modifications.

Natural healing is a form of healing for people who are eager to take responsibility for their health and life and willing to make healthy and positive lifestyle changes.

Conventional medical industry makes living by diagnosing and turning everything into a “condition” that needs treatment, while the survival of the pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the elimination by any means of effective natural health therapies.

Currently about one – third of Americans use natural (alternative) medicine to heal and maintain their health but 75% of these are women. The change comes from awareness that most modern maladies are caused by prolonged exposure to a combination of negative lifestyles and toxic environmental factors, like junk food and malnutrition, pesticides, antibiotics, microwaves and chemical pollution of food, water and air, electromagnetic radiation of smart devices and other.

NOTE: I believe the text below on medicalization of women is the most important information a women must have before going to get medical care service, the text comes from the post of Sybil Shainwald, she was chair of the National Women’s Health Network and co-founded Health Action International:

What is Medicalization of Women?

Medicalization is a process where everyday life comes under medical influence and supervision so that medical definitions and treatments emerge for previously non-medical problems. According to the Western medical model, pre – menstrual syndrome is a disease, menstruation is a disease, pregnancy is a disease, childbirth is a disease, and menopause is a disease.

The medicalization of our bodies is particularly ironic because historically, women served as society’s healers, a role that combined wisdom, nurturance, intuition, and skill. The expertise of the female lay healer was cast aside with the rise of modern medicine in the mid-19th century.
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn states that women are “gently” urged by their physicians to have faith in them, to generally accept what the ‘experts’ say and to follow blindly even “Around ninety percent of surgery is a waste of time, energy, money and life,” he said, and most surgeries were being done for “non – illnesses.”

Control over women, fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, births, menopause, and the broader process of aging now medicalized, are all fuel for economic prosperity. Women are prescribed almost 70% of all medications.Women visit the doctor four times more than men do, making us the key market for doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Women are the victims of so much unnecessary medical and surgical intervention that makes them sick.

Another phenomenon of modern medicine is the medicalization of mood variations in the menstrual cycle. This is another example of how the medical industry constantly finds new ways to impose itself on women’s biology.

Contraception itself is part of a long history of a culture willing to sacrifice women’s bodies for profit. Barbara Seaman deduced that the early birth control pills caused serious life – threatening consequences, including blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, and published The Doctor’s Case Against the Pill to warn women about the dangers.

Countless women have lost their fertility, their reproductive organs, and their lives because pharmaceutical companies have put unsafe, untested contraceptive drugs and devices on the market in pursuit of profit—and women trusting their doctors take them without question.

Medicalization of childbirth

Of course, modern obstetrical practices can save the lives of mothers and babies but 99% of c-sections – the most performed operation in the United States – are unnecessary, that makes women the passive object of medical care.

Even though the United States spends more on health care than any other country, a woman’s risk of dying in childbirth is higher here than in 40 other countries.

Medical technology is shipped overseas as McDonald’s franchises. The c-section rate in China is 46%, in Vietnam it is 36%, it is 34% in Thailand, and 34% in Latin America (data from 2010 now is much higher).

Why are so many women undergoing dangerous and major surgery that is not medically warranted? Money! A recent USA Today article reported planned c – sections each year are costing women an estimated $3 billion.

In 1959, the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare ordered a blanket ban on the use of diethylstilbestrol die as a poultry additive. On December 15, 1961, Deputy Food and Drug Commissioner Harvey also ordered a blanket ban on the use of DES as a poultry additive, saying: ” There is a substantial evidence that this drug may be expected to produce, incite, or stimulate severe disease growth in human beings.” However, DES was not banned for pregnancy – yes for chickens, no for childbirth – until 1975. How much severe disease, infertility, miscarriages – expense and worry – could have been prevented? While we no longer use DES, there are still many modern obstetrical interventions that increase the incidence of obstetrical complications and emergencies.

Menopause and hormones

The drug industry has quite a number of elaborate ways to make you buy their products. One method is to enlist the help of doctors in boosting their product. The pharmaceutical companies accomplish this by spending $8,000 to $13,000 per physician annually in gifts to physicians such as lunches, books, and stethoscopes; free attendance at conferences; and all – expenses – paid trips to meetings. These methods pay off when you realize that only 27 percent of physicians prescribe generic options for their patients; this means the other 73 percent are pushing higher – priced brand-name drugs. Another way the drug industry gets you is through direct – to – consumer advertising; in 2005 the pharmaceutical industry spent more than $4.2 billion to get your attention.

It has therefore become evident that despite the contra – indications and side effects resulting from hormones given for a non-disease, the pharmaceutical industry will not stop promoting them because it is a $3 billion industry.


The most over – medicalized aspect of our biology involves removal of the reproductive organs. In total, American doctors perform 685,000 hysterectomies each year. Compare this to another industrialized Western nation, England, where only 40,000 such procedures are performed per year. In Saudi Arabia a gynecologist may perform only one hysterectomy a year, usually due to a life – threatening event such as an obstetric hemorrhage.


It is estimated that more than 20% of most menopausal women have osteoporosis and that estimate has reached as high as 50%. Scaring women about their bone strength is a burgeoning industry which urges us to “talk to our doctors before it’s too late.” Free bone mineral density tests are offered to see “how much we lost.” A risk factor had been turned into a disease and there was a situation in which the people profiting from osteoporosis as a disease were the ones defining it.

Annual medical checkup

The annual medical checkup, enshrined for decades as a cornerstone of preventative care – is a waste of time and money, doctors now admit. (Source: Archives of Internal Medicine, 2007; 167: 1876-83)

We witness our system designers prove, again and again, that human life, our society members, are “expendable” used to generate symbols of power for greedy owners of gross capital?

Human lives are calculated in the cost of operations.

And we do nothing to get out of trouble?

We have to admit (in general) man can not regenerate the world. Only women have inherent power to create life and nourish the life, to give birth and up – bring the healthy children with man’s support. Only women can keep family together by producing enormous quantities of love and tolerance for all extreme opinions, feeling and actions.

But, unfortunately woman have lost some of the most important qualities, especially in big cities under pressure of “modern life style”,
and philosophically we may say the solution is in regaining the state of being established, in one’s self (regain unity with holy spirit). What does it mean to be established in one’s self ? To be healthy in one’s body, mind, and spirit? Women are givers, tenders, and creators by their deep inner nature, Self – establishment requires good balance and we do not have it now.
What to do to regain it?

Let me simplify it in a few bullet points:

  • Learn haw to take care of your total health naturally (physical, emotional, spiritual) be your own healer, so you will be able to heal your family
  • Learn how to start manifesting your deep inner desires (do not waste your time by following social and cultural trends) focus on your real nature (inner duty) given by the omnipresent intelligence of the Universe
  • Do not wait for any permits, start it now from where ever you might be, in your hands is the destiny of our civilization, accept your holly reprehensibility.

NOTE: It might take some time to regain your health, strength and confidence but, please do not postpone, because of any reason. Do on your own, of if you wish create associations, networks, any thing that might help. Feel free to ask me or any other person that might help you to make the next step on your way, but please, please do it. Email us at [email protected]

To make it easier I will elaborate on these 3 main points of action:

In the Part 2 we will present the Solutions:
Learn Haw to Take Care of Your Total Health Naturally
Women – Mothers Holistic Detox

“To heal ourselves, we must reenter our bodies and honor them. We must resist the temptation to always place the body and its needs last. I want to awaken that still, small, wise intuitive voice in all of us, the voice of our own body which we have been forced to ignore through our culture, illness, misinformation and dysfunction. Trusting the wisdom of the body is a leap of faith for us in this culture.” Christiane Northrup, M.D

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