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What order should I power things on and off? What about now that I have a Spooky2 Plasma as well?

For Spooky2-XM Generator/GeneratorX:
To power things up:

  1. Turn on the generator.
  2. Open Spooky2 software and run your programs.

To power off:

  1. After the treatment is finished, shut down Spooky2 software.
  2. Turn off the generator.

For Spooky2 Plasma/Central:
To power things up:

  1. Turn on the generator.
  2. OpenSpooky2 software.
  3. When ready to use your Spooky2Plasma, power on.
  4. Choose and run your preset.

To power off:

  1. When done with Spooky2Plasma, power off.
  2. Shut down Spooky2 software.
  3. Turn off the generator.

(The order for using Spooky2 Central is the same. )

Since the Spooky2 Plasma does not communicate with Spooky2, you can turn it off when not in use and only turn it on when ready.

However, you must leave the generator that is connected to the Spooky2 Plasma powered on. If you power off this generator, it will require a full restart of Spooky2 to re-establish communications to the generator.

Remember to always power off your Spooky2 Plasma unit before making or removing any connections to it. This includes connecting and disconnecting a generator.

Now, you’ve learnt the order to use your Spooky2 generator and Spooky2 Plasma. Then, you can check this blog to know whether you set them up in the right way.

Notes for Using Spooky2 Central

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