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Women’s Holistic Health 1

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Regardless of rapid scientific developments, genetic experimentation and achievements, we have to admit (in general) men can not replicate even regenerate the life of our world. Only women have inherent power to create life and nourish the life, to give birth and up – bring the healthy children (preferably with man’s support). Only women can keep family together by producing enormous quantities of love and tolerance for all extreme opinions, feeling and actions.

But, unfortunately woman have lost some of the most important qualities, especially in big cities under pressure of “modern life style”. Especially from long term accumulated toxins from environment, food, water, toiletry, medications and “Medicalization of women”, electromagnetic fields (EMF) created by smart devices, cell towers and other new coming “toys”.

Philosophically we may say the solution is in regaining the state of being established in one’s self (regain unity with holy spirit) but what does it mean to be established in one’s self ? To be healthy in one’s body, mind, and spirit? Women are givers and creators by their deep inner nature but Self-establishment requires good inner and outer balance and we as a civilization do not have it now.

What to do to regain it?

Only individuals, spontaneously forming network of balanced healthy life can do it – for women it is natural.

Let me simplify it in a few bullet points:

  • Learn haw to take care of your total health naturally (physical, emotional, spiritual) be your own healer, so you will be able to heal your family
  • Learn how to start manifesting your deep inner desires (do not waste your time by following social and cultural trends) focus on your real nature (inner duty) given by the omnipresent intelligence of the Universe
  • Do not wait for any permits, start it now from where ever you might be, in your hands is the destiny of our civilization, accept your holly responsibility.

NOTE: It might take some time to regain your health, strength and confidence but, please do not postpone, no matter what excuse you might have. Do on your own, or if you wish join or create associations, networks, any thing that might help. Feel free to ask me or any other person that might help you to make the next step on your way, but please, please do it.

1. Learn How to Take Care of Your Total Health Naturally

Think always of Physical, Mental/ Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Financial Wellness as one, (holistic view of health).
It is nice and empowering to understand how we really become ill or why we have to suffer from migraine headaches, PMS, cramps, depression, or the embarrassment of unexpected panic attack?

We should be logical when it comes to our body, no one should know it better than you and if something’s not working the way it should, in your original, natural/normal state you can quickly recognize it and heal yourself the natural way.

In Natural Healing you assist your body to increase its powerful self – healing ability by creating a lifestyle where you:
A. Eliminate condition creators from your life (processed, refined, hydrogenated, pasteurized food, chemical toiletry, home cleansing agents, smart devices, medications, chlorinated water, even unhealthy social, family and business relations, and other)
B. Increase things that create powerful health (healthy food, exercises, daily, monthly and seasonal routine, sufficient sleep, nature and other).
C. When your body regains power and intelligence it can and will heal any condition, and repair and rebuild itself (you may support it by healthy routine and life habits, natural herbal supplements, good relations and other).

A Chinese proverb says: “Focus on the good to eliminate the bad”, similarly, natural healing is about focusing on creating total health and letting your body inner intelligence repair and heal you, better than any doctor could ever imagine.

This holistic approach, I recommend, includes diet, total detox, appropriate exercise, Ayurveda, homeopathy, hydrosolution, acupuncture, stress reduction, self – care and spiritual renewal, i.e. all traditional and modern practices that help regain holistic health without harming the person, society or environment.

We witness daily our bodies amazing ability to repair and regenerate our system. But after years of unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, and just plain aging, eventually our body may not perform perfect healing or repairing. At that time we seek outside help, usually from a medical doctor, or even better I recommend you searching for a doctor, a practitioner of traditional medicine with experience in natural healing. As soon as you learn all you can bout your natural health and regain energy you will be ready to develop your self – healing process.

Women are becoming aware that most modern conditions are caused by prolonged exposure to a combination of negative lifestyles and toxic environmental factors, like junk food and malnutrition, pesticides, antibiotics, microwaves and chemical pollution of food, water and air.
Here is the “Big Picture” that you need to “assimilate” before you can heal your self.

The Source of Health, Cause of conditions and Invading Process

According to Quantum Mechanics, the manifestation of all that exist comes from the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

  • Fluctuations of the Unified Field give rise to the subatomic particles that comprise the atoms.
  • Elements are the basis of chemicals that are the basis of compounds.
    Compounds form the DNA that is the blueprint of the cell.
  • Proteins, guided by the DNA, become organelles that make up the organs that make up the physiology, you and me and the Earth’s society.

So the whole Universe is the function of its natural laws that we experience as Consciousness – so, we live in one unbounded ocean of Consciousness in motion.

Deep inner experience of this statement opens the door of mastering the life on earth – ability to heal, repair and regenerate distorted (infected) patterns of Natural Law that is expressed through our DNA, proteins and microbiome structures.

So, here is my definition of Health:
The health is friction – less flow of information between the environment (the Universe / Nature / Creator) through human cognitive structures, reception centers and systems.

In other words, Total health is balance and harmony of inner and outer, the balance of our individual ego and cosmic ego (small “I” and Big “I”-personal intelligence and the intelligence of the universe). We may also explain it as synchrony of a personal frequency pattern or hologram and the pattern of the Nature, the Universe.

When all inner energies flow freely without counteracting the flow of the energies of nature (universe), then we are healthy, peaceful and happy.
Perfect health is harmony of intellect, mind, ego, emotions and body systems with the environment, we may say the nature or the intelligence of the universe.

How the harmony and balance of life that we call health gets distorted:
When the free flow of personal energy begins deviating from the natural flow of energies of the universe, then our system starts experiencing resistance.
The deviation is caused by the mistake of the intellect, (illusion), that influences our mind’s decisions, emotions and physiology functioning (the mistake/illusion is caused by accumulation of toxins).

At that point our system, that has perfect ability to conduct information and energy of Nature, starts losing intelligence and energy since we are going against the natural flow of energies of nature and universe. The “Oneness-union with Holy Spirit” is lost.
The feeling of loneliness and duality appears, the happiness decreases and intelligence that guides life processes in our body gets increasingly distorted.

As we continue deviating from the flow or intent of nature, the discomfort increases and finally culminates in pain and condition.

Here is my definition of condition:
The condition is a result of a disturbed and distorted connection of our system with the intelligence of nature (Universe).
The destructive influence that creates distortion in friction-less flow of information is pollution: electromagnetic, mental/emotional and physical toxins/heavy metals in air, food, water, medications, household and personal care and other.
*Precise analysis finds that vibration or frequency spectrum of particles that structure our body cells and organs has been changed – distorted from its original balanced pattern.

The definition of invading element that distorts the harmony pattern “the dark force”:
What ever disturbs harmony conditions that provide fast evolution (friction – less connection) with universe, causes reduced happiness and ill-health. That “dark force” works against “Life Force”.
For us is of highest importance to recognize the destructive pattern so we can make correct life decisions, choices and personal actions.

When we get sick 

we are sick at the point of departing from unity with the intelligence of the universe, but usually we perceive it much later, when the discomfort becomes so disturbing that we cannot neglect it further.

Why we feel pain (Pain as greatest Teacher)

Going against the flow of nature’s energies depletes our energy relatively quickly.
The first signs are getting mentally/emotionally indifferent, then tired, then unhappy and then small symptoms of inner discomfort begin.
If we continue persistently our way without noticing/understanding that it is opposite of nature’s flow, then our discomfort increases, and pain becomes more perceivable. Some people do not stop opposing and fighting nature until they become seriously ill. In such situations medical intervention becomes necessary.

Being out of balance with intelligence of nature we accept artificial healing methods that further increase distortion of our system.

Now you know how conditions start in our body. Returning – resenting to natural state of our system is the solution.
It is not difficult to take care of our health and evolution – the essence is to purify from all toxic and destructive influences and regenerate unity with nature!

Your health, happiness and success in life are under your control, never, absolutely newer forget it.
We are creators of our destiny.
Do not blame anybody. Do not blame life circumstances.
We are creators of our universe eider we believe it or not.

If you wish you can reboot your system, introduce the original information to your daily routine and your life will start getting new dimension, new light.
Let us Start DETOX:
Step #1 Eliminate condition creating products, relations and environment if possible
As the awareness of causes of our problems grow we naturally start reducing and replacing those products with healthy organic options. About that time we discover methods that help us detoxify our body and regain natural health.
For example: A study conducted by Columbia University School of Public Health, estimated 95% of severe condition is caused by diet and exposure to toxins- so, it makes clear that WE MUST DETOXIFY AND CLEANSE OUR SYSTEM.

There is an overwhelming flood of information on detoxing processes. Here is a brief introduction and a summary.

Detoxing process takes place on 4 levels:
1. Mental: psychology – emotions, self sabotaging and more
2. Physical: whole body, systems, organs
3. Social relationships: family, work , friends, acquaintances
4. Environment + electromagnetic: – home – work – surrounding

Admittedly, the physiological process of detox is complicated – experts don’t fully understand all the intricacies of the body’s natural mechanisms for removing toxins – but what you need to do to help optimize the process is surprisingly simple.

Physical detox options you may do it randomly but if you have serious condition than make a weekly and monthly plans for detox:

How we detox:
1. Fasting
2. Breathing techniques (Pranayam)
3. Water Fasting
4. Juicing- fruit, vegetable fasting
5. Sauna
6. Bath formulas Detox
7. Herbal formulas detox
8. Mineral formulas detox
9. Enemas, colonic, bast
10. Quantum technology

What we detox:
1. Whole body – general detox
2. Whole body aiming at specific substance like Heavy metals, parasites, yest/mold, and other
3. Systems like Lymphatic and Immune System, Cardiovascular System, Digestive System, Urinary System …
4. Organs like kidneys or liver, or

From what we detox:
1. Undigested food toxins
2. Chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and other
3. Heavy metals
4. Parasites

Note: It is almost impossible for humans to avoid coming into contact with parasitic eggs at some point in their lives. The immune system deploys natural defence to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses but to survive many parasites have evolved to be undetectable to the immune system. Parasites can carry with them more than 240 communicable conditions. Since parasites can live in between the cells of living creatures as well as in their bloodstream, meat products are also commonly infested with parasites.
Symptoms of an infestation depends on the type of parasite and where it lives in the body. Worms can cause constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and even ulcers as their presence disrupts the digestive ecosystem. Intracellular parasites can cause joint and muscle pain, skin conditions like eczema and even chronic fatigue, while those living in the bloodstream can cause anaemia, tumors and even affect brain function, causing sleep disorders, nervousness and ticks like teeth grinding.
Many people live for months infested with parasites feeling general malaise, low energy and mood, drowsiness and fever-like sensitivity to hot and cold. They blame themselves for lethargy when the real cause is breeding inside them.

Potent anti – parasitic herbs:
Black Walnut Hull powder or oil, Blueberry leaf, Oregon Grape rhizome, Wormwood, Butternut Bark Powder, Garlic Bulb Extract, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Pau D’ Arco Bark Powder, Papaya Fruit Powder.
For Candida cleanse we need other herbs and is much longer and intense cleanse.

Cleanliness of the body is of high importance – body has to flash foreign material. The natural channels are lungs, the pores on the skin, the kidneys and the bowels. That is how breathing exercises, transpiration, kidney, intestines and bowel cleanse help. Each fasting method has been proven to bring great benefits by burning undigested remains of food and flashing it out of body, but different types of people according to their problems require individual prescriptions.

How we detox – details:
Note: If you have any serious condition before starting detox consult with your doctor or a natural health practitioner

1. Fasting: The most natural, ancient, hole body detox is fasting. We just stop consuming food for a day or more and slightly increase water consumption.

The easiest fast to introduce is ones per week on day – offs. You may chose the program that fits you the best or consult an experienced guide. For different purposes and tough conditions it may be organized for as many as 30 to 40 days. It needs supervision of an experienced guide or a medical professional since the fasting effects cause strong changes in physiology and emotions.

2. Water Fasting: Very often fasting is organized on water. That means we stop eating other foods and drink increased amounts of water. The water amount is prescribed individually. It flashes the toxins accumulated in our organs. Remember to use well filtrated water, with higher PH level, the best is living water (not bottled)fresh from a living spring.

3. Fasting with juices is very popular lately since is much easier than a full fast and more pleasant than water. It is good to blend/ squeeze non sprayed/organic fruit and vegetables according to the effect you wish to achieve, some living water may be added. Aim to make at least 50 percent of your diet fresh vegetables, and fruits preferably steamed or raw.
For example: Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables enhance the ability of the liver to neutralize toxins, especially estrogen – like toxins. Onions and garlic provide antimicrobial properties that neutralize “bad” bacteria in the gut and promote growth of friendly bacteria. Asparagus is a potent antioxidant that is essential for detoxification.Celery helps heavy metal detoxify and much more.

4. Sauna is an ancient method used for thousands of years in may old cultures, it is based on elimination of toxic deposits through pores of our skin. There many ways to build and use sauna. It can be water evaporation based, dry air or infrared. (Infrared solution is often referred to as a type of sauna, but according to the Finnish sauna organizations, infrared is not a sauna.[4]) During a sauna session, most people’s heartbeats increase by over 50-75%, which is basically the same increase that is caused by a physical workout. The heat caused by the sauna expands the blood vessels and results in increased blood flow, thereby ensuring detoxification of the body. Air temperatures averaged around 75°C (167°F) but sometimes exceeded 110 °C (230 °F) in a traditional Finnish sauna.

5. Detox Bath: Commonly used minerals – baking soda, Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide, magnesium…or essential oils, herbs and flower.
example formula:
a)If your urine & saliva ph is alkaline: Add 1 cup of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 cups of Epsom salts to a warm bath, then soak for 40 minutes before going to bed.
b)If your urine & saliva ph is acidic:
Add 1 cup of Baking Soda and 2 cups of Epsom Salts to a warm bath, then soak for 40 minutes before going to bed.
Sea Salt can also be used in a healing bath.

6. Herbal detox
Herbs are used for millenniums in ancient cultures. Medicinal herbs promote restoration of health and detox functions.

There are numerous herbs and formulas here I am giving a few examples:
a) Chlorella pyrenoidosa, excellent source of chlorophyll, a pigment that’s primarily effective for removing organic toxins.
b) Milk thistle, dandelion, and andrographis: All three help protect the liver during detoxification and enhance bile flow, which flushes neutralized toxins into the intestines for removal. The liver is the main organ responsible for detoxification, and loss of liver function over time is a primary factor in aging and condition.
c) Resveratrol and turmeric: Both support normal liver function; resveratrol also enhances optimal vascular and immune function.

7. Mineral detox: Many minerals have properties of boosting the immune system and supporting body detox process. Hospitals use minerals as antibacterial and antiviral agents. Iodine has been used for centuries as an antiseptic agent. Colloidal and ionic Gold, silver and other minerals; baking soda, Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide, see/rock salt, magnesium and many more..have been proven effective.
a) In ancient times, gold was used to stop arthritis, the mineral silver was used as an antiseptic, the silver ions kill the bacteria. NASA used silver as an air purification system for its astronauts.
b) Chlorine dioxide – MMS – entirely eliminates and sterilizes: water bacteria, viruses, botulism, e.coli, cholera,  Guardia, cryptosporidium.Carcinogenic Substances such as 3,4-benzopyrene, manganese, iron found in water, odors and unpleasant tastes produced by organic compounds, cyanides in wast-water, as well as all dyes found as a result of chlorophyll and plant matter, and also pesticides. When beginning any type of detoxification, it’s always wise to begin slowly, and with the Miracle Mineral Supplement, this is especially so. The Humble protocol states unequivocally that virtually all pathogenic stressors within the body can be completely eliminated within a time span of between 2 – 3 weeks.
8. Quantum Healing and detox (find at Spooky2.com) about N. Tesla and Rife frequency generators

Vibration spectrum- frequencies are used to stimulate and re – establish the original and natural body functioning. Frequencies spectrum works similarly as the herbs, minerals, energy, sound and color healing practices.
Over last century scientific research has proven amazing result of frequencies and electromagnetic pulses effects on healing and restoring body systems.

Side Effects of Cleansing & Detox:
People who have never cleansed before are often surprised by how they may feel, thinking there must be something wrong because they don’t feel like their old selves. Feeling “under the weather” is normal during cleansing it is hard on the body, and remember that poisons and toxins are being expelled, so it may feel as if you have a flu. The sensible thing to do with a cold or flu is to encourage the expulsion of those toxins, not trap them inside.
Find high quality, detailed instructions on detox at https://www.jonbarron.org/program/full-body-detox-program

Bringing more Nature (intelligence) in our Life Style:
1. Breathing Fresh Air
Every day breath pure air, free from pollution, in a park – spend time in nature if possible. Basic form of nutrition and detoxification is inhalation and exhalation. Oxygen is essential for the functioning of metabolism. Any yoga club can help you learn various types of breathing exercises (pranayama) that are vitally important for your overall health and self – discipline.
2. Drink Only Purified Fresh Water
Municipal tap water is polluted with fluoride, chlorine, chemicals & heavy metals, so it is must to install a high quality water filter or get real fresh spring water.
3. Eat Non Toxic Food According to Your Type of Metabolism
Learn which food and drink is acceptable for your body type and which are not. Ayurveda provides ancient knowledge so you can be conscious of the type of food you choose to put into your body. Feeling the food you are eating and listening to your body, trusting what it tells you is important skill necessary for life and health mastery. Find more here https://www.mapi.com/
4. Get Sunlight
Spend quality time outdoors daily. Get at least 20-30 minutes in natural sunlight, allowing 30-50% of your body to be exposed to the sun whenever possible to activate your Vitamin D, melatonin and biophotons.
5. Regular Physical Activity
Have at list 30-40 minutes daily for some type of physical activity. Could be also 2 x 20 minutes. Train your body to bear weight, to stretch and increase your cardiovascular activity by aerobic exercises, swimming, bike riding or running. Yoga, gardening, hiking, dancing and other useful activities should be chosen according to your body type and preferences.
6. Proper Rest
Give your body a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Go to bed before 10 PM as much as possible. If you are experiencing stress events, sleep more then 8 full hours and take at least 30 minutes of additional rest (relaxation, meditation, prayer) daily.
Woman’s Monthly Cycle

The difference between men’s and women’s health is that women have the capacity to create and carry children. This phenomenon is based on a woman’s monthly cycle. The body maintains its own homeostasis by the regulation of hormones. Woman’s hormones are dictated by monthly cycle, so maintaining the balance under pressure of modern life style is challenging.

Hormones are chemical messengers that affect every cell in our body. In woman’s body hormone balance will dictate the health of reproductive health, breast care, weight management, libido, fertility ant total body well – being.

Ayurveda provides ancient but practical wisdom of balancing hormones naturally. For detailed information look here: Healthy Cycle Guide.

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  1. Wonderful information! Thank you for sharing! Getting and staying healthy can seem complex and yet it really goes back to simple and whole in all aspects of life.

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