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Breakthrough of Quantum Entanglement in 2019 15

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Do you believe that a part of the bell is knocked, the whole bell will sound together even if a bell is divided into many pieces and placed everywhere in the universe?

That’s what we call it quantum entanglement. Once two particles become entangled, when one changes, it is immediately reflected in the other, whether they are in the same laboratory or hundreds of millions of light-years apart. Einstein suspected quantum theory, but scientists found it was one of Einstein’s few but perhaps biggest mistakes.

The History of Quantum Entanglement

Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen first discussed the counterintuitive predictions of quantum mechanics about strongly correlated systems in their joint paper.

In 1972, John Clauser and Stuart Freedman first conducted an experiment of quantum entanglement, but too many vulnerabilities of the experiment were suspected by people.

In 2015, scientists at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands demonstrated the existence of quantum entanglement by using microwave pulses and lasers to make electrons entangled. While the experiment claims “no holes”, some scientists were not sure.

Until April 25 2018, a team led by Mika Sillanpaa, a professor of the Aalto University in Finland, successfully entangled two separate vibrating tympanic membranes. For the first time, Human beings can see the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

In the same year, Oxford University researchers examined the experiment which conducted by physicist David Cole in 2016. After analysis, they said the experiment was valid.

The Recent Research of Quantum Entanglement

For most people, the theory of quantum entanglement is unfathomable. On July 13th, however, the BBC reported a new study of quantum entanglement.

Paul-Antoine Moreau, physicist of the University of Glasgow’s School of Physics and Astronomy, and his team captured the first image of quantum entanglement. Although quantum entanglement has been tested and used in some fields, it has never been captured in a single image. The appearance of this image undoubtedly caused a sensation around the world.

Quantum Entanglement

So, how did scientists take the incredible photo?

This brings us to the famous Bell Inequality. In 1964, Bell put forward the basic idea of Bell’s Theorem in the form of inequality: No physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics. Bell’s inequality makes the non-locality of quantum entanglement possible to be verified by physical experiments for the first time. Thus, the Bohr-Einstein debates, which were only on the philosophical level, can be quantitatively tested experimentally. In short, the violation of bell’s inequality proves the existence of quantum entanglement.

Based on this principle, the researchers designed a system that emits entangled photons from a quantum light source toward the “unconventional matter” shown on the liquid crystal material, which changes the phase of the photons as they pass through.

They placed an ultra-sensitive camera which is capable of detecting individual photons. When detecting the photon and its entangled twin exist at the same time, the camera captured the first precious image of the photon entanglement. The image presents a ring shape which shows two photons reflect off each other.

Quantum Entanglement

Paul-Antoine said the image was “an elegant demonstration of a fundamental property of nature”.

“It’s an exciting result which could be used to advance the emerging field of quantum computing and lead to new types of imaging.” He added.

The paper of Paul-Antoine Moreau and his team published in Science Advances:

The Future of Quantum Entanglement

The success of this research promotes the development of quantum entanglement technology in the future. Then where is the development direction of quantum entanglement?

The first field is quantum computers. Last year, physicists developed new ways to prove that quantum entanglement is one of the necessary fundamental features to make a quantum computer work. Once the quantum computer was created, it will surpass conventional computers in some tasks, storing information about the entire universe and running exponentially faster than normal computers. This would make it possible to use quantum computers to easily and quickly simulate the evolution of the entire universe, predicting precisely what is coming and what is going to happen.

The Second is encryption techniques for transmitting information. As computer technology becomes more powerful, traditional encryption methods are being challenged. Security issues in areas such as the Internet and e-commerce which require strict confidentiality of information, are becoming more critical. The technology could lead to practical applications such as the “quantum Internet”.

Besides, the technology of quantum entanglement can study the formation, remission, abnormality, recovery and other stages of conditions from the perspective of biological photons in the medical field. This means that people will be able to monitor their health with the technology, controlling the condition at an early stage and even killing the pathogenic factor of the condition before symptoms appear.

Of course, the applications of quantum entanglement in the future are not limited to these fields. Biology, nanotechnology, communication technology and so on are also involved. Time will tell human beings that quantum entanglement affects not only the past and present, but also the future.

What do you think of quantum entanglement? Comment below and share with us!

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  1. the very idea of this is sort of out of this world stuff…. and it’s hard to explain to people.. it was, until now, a leap of faith to buy into this as it applies to everyday life.. this include the Sppoky2 remote operation.. it took me some time to reconcile my thought process to accept the science of quantum entanglement …so it’s not an easy concept to pass on to most laymen.. and I hope it is exactly what I now think it is.. I am using the spooky2 remote almost on a daily basis since I bought it several weeks ago… thanks for sharing this newer information on this very very interesting topic

    1. Hi Paul, there is so much to learn and discover in this world. We will be glad to hear from you for feedback later.

  2. Thank you for this article! The minute I read about Spooky 2, I was hooked. I understood and accepted the principles, it make absolute sense. This is the future, I am so grateful for our first peek in the keyhole.

    1. Thank you!

    2. I happen to be a physician excited about new discoveries regarding neuroscientific concepts of the brain and the mind
      The more I look into quantum entanglement in its current paradigm, the more I realize we are getting close to understanding various aspects of neuroscience including placebo, Nocebo and even so called ‘mind connections’ through thought.
      This is exciting !! Look

  3. Isn’t it ironic and wonderful at the same time that these scientists are so excited about something that we spooky users experience every day ? Quantum entanglement is just another way the universe works just like leaves grow on a tree. But unlike tree growth we can’t see QE so we have trouble understanding it. I’m am just grateful it exists.

    1. Spooky2 will keep up pace with the world and provide the best for our users!

  4. We, like this creation, are made in God’s image… Angels are God’s thoughts… All creation is angelic… Entanglement is the expression of two of the wings of one angel…

  5. Since quantum entanglement discovery is so new and such a misterious part of science yet, and you say it “will” (in the future) be used in many applications, including medicine, how were you guys so ahead of the game in the scientific and industrial world, in studying and understanding this phenomenon, at the point of developing a tiny, simple device that relies entirely and solely on entanglement to work?
    Why isn’t the technology already widely used for a lot of different purposes which can benefit greatly from it?
    If a small electronic board can generate quantum entanglement, why isn’t it of mainstream use in thousands of devices for different uses yet?

    1. Hi, Christian. Maybe you can have a look at the introduction for our products. This may help you solve your doubts: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/about-spooky2/

  6. I attended a seminar which promised to get me to reach the quantum field through meditation. At the end of two days 150 of us began a very active meditation lasting more than two hours.
    After about two hours I was lying on the floor utterly exhausted thinking that it was a failure. Then I felt a vibration in my feet. This was very strange and I knew that I was not controlling this. The vibration was in both feet and was very powerful and it slowly began to go up my legs. It seemed to be a very organised vibration and I wondered what was going to happen next. The vibrations went as high as my pelvis and then it stopped there and vibrated at that position for a good while and then it started to reverse and eventually stopped at my feet. I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer which had spread to bones in my pelvis and it was very aggressive. The urologist told me that if he could keep me alive for a couple of years then maybe something good might happen. I opted out of any conventional medical treatment. I believe that the “something good” for me is finding quantum entanglement. Spooky2 will help me with this from now on.

    1. Hi, we received some true reviews from other suffers, and hope their success stories can give you much more courage and confidence: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/?s=prostate+cancer
      Any questions, please feel free to let us know:)

    2. Gary, how is your health now?

  7. Quantum entanglement is a turning point

    James xavier
    1. Dear James, wow thanks for your sharing!

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