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9 Brain Damaging Habits You Must Avoid Leave a comment

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It’s not a secret that many of us lead stressful lives. The pressures of supporting our family, doing well in our job, and dealing with other trivial matters take a toll on the best of us. Very often, the first thing to be compromised is our health. We try to live a healthy life by going to the gym regularly. But little do we realize that the most affected organ in the long run is our brain.

The human brain is a surprisingly delicate yet very important part of a human being. It’s the central processor for all our bodily functions, this part interprets what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. For our brain to stay healthy and function properly, we seriously need to avoid these habits in our daily lives.


Contains substances that can lead to multiple brain cell shrinkage and may cause Alzheimer condition in later life.

Covering Head While Sleeping

Sleeping with our head covered may lead to increased intake of carbon dioxide, and at the same time the decreased intake of oxygen. Oxygen is vital for brain functions, and not getting enough can damage our brain cells.

Talking Rarely

Conversation is proven to have the ability of increasing the efficiency of our brain. Introverted people and those who tend to speak not very much face a higher risk of reducing the efficiency of their brains. More talk can bring us a more active brain. So be engaged in meetings and get-togethers more and share and talk more with your workmates.

Consuming Lots of Sugar

Indulging in too much sweet foods will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients in our body and may interfere with our brain development. Some studies have also shown that consistently high levels of blood sugar can be harmful to your memory and learning capabilities.

Consuming Too Much Alcohol

Consuming a large amount of alcohol could damage nervous system, liver and heart. Our brain’s equilibrium gets changed and its chemical reactions get interfered. Alcoholism brings damages to neurological processes and slows the speed at which nerve impulses are transmitted.

Undergoing Stress

When we are under stress, a chemical named cortisol is produced by our kidneys, and in turn it can kill our brain cells if produced in excess. Also, stress has been shown to shrink mental capacity and increase the risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack.

Skipping Breakfast

After sleeping, our brain requires nutrients. Skipping breakfast will deprive many essential nutrients from the brain. If repeated often, this can cause brain degeneration. Not eating breakfast will also lead to low blood sugar, which is also bad for our health.

Working During Illness

When our body shows signs of illness, it’s usually the way our body is telling us that we need to take it easy and reconsider our current lifestyle. At this moment, our body, mind, even our brain need a break. Taxing them by continuing to study or work when we’re sick will lead to decreased effectiveness and damage of our brain.


Overeating means we eat more than what the body requires, thus causing arteries in the brain to harden. And as a result, this leads to a decrease in our mental power.

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