A New Approach to Diabetes Type 2 3

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This is shared by Spooky2 user Manuel Mallo.

Acrochordon, or Skin tags may serve as a marker for those people whose carbohydrate metabolism is impaired and for those who may be at risk for diabetes mellitus type 2. The incidence of skin tags, and elevated blood sugar and insulin are directly related.

It has been proven the role of Human Papiloma virus 6 and 11 in the pathogenesis of the skin tags, so, its presence is also related to diabetes2.

There are freqs for HPV6 and HPV11 on the database, but I have prepared a much wider set, and also a preset to deliver the freqs.

I am using MM_InvSawtoothHarmonic to give up to eight direct harmonics (and much more indirect ones). The presets are for contact, plasma, remote and laser mode.

If using plasma or contact, once a day would do the job, and remote mode could be run 24/7.
Use boost for contact and remote modes.

MM_HPV11-HPV6 (Contact).txt
MM_HPV11-HPV6 (Remote).txt
MM_HPV11-HPV6 (Plasma).txt
MM_HPV11-HPV6 (Laser).txt

This is a totally new approach to fight the causes of diabetes2, and not only its symptoms. Don’t expect a rapid blood sugar lowering as when you use Diabetes2 CAFL. These presets are for treating the possible cause, so the lowering of your sugar levels will come naturally with the use of the sets.

Authored by: Manuel Mallo
Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=6296

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  1. Where on or about your body would you place the phanatron bulb for these frequencies to be effective?

    Thank you so much for your advice and insight

  2. Hi
    You havn t another aproach for diabet 1 ???
    Thanks for all….

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