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Where to Place TENS Pads 12

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Tens placement is a user decision. The recommended location of left ankle / right wrist is a general starting point to target the entire body. Makes sense as the electricity has to flow from one end to the other, thus providing coverage across as much of the body as possible.

It has already been stated in many locations including the user guide that if you have a known targeted area to address, that the best placement is to bi-sect the area in question.

For example, if you are targeting your spleen, place the TENS pads on the front and back of the torso where the spleen is located. This focuses the path of electricity to go through the area you are intending to target.

With areas above the neck, it is also stated not to use the TENS pads directly as the head is a very bad place to send electricity through. There is also the matter of resonating the area around the carotid arteries. While rare, it is possible to lock the muscles if you do something incorrectly and constrict the blood flow to your brain.

Not a great situation to be in. Therefore, when targeting areas of the head, use the areas of the shoulders for pad placement. As this gets the electricity closest to the area to be targeted safely.

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Authored by: Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/679369118891661/

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  1. Where is the best placement for foot problem, inflammation on the outside of the ancle?

    1. Hi, for how to do foot bath, please kindly go to this link: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-do-foot-bath-using-spooky2-hand-cylinders/

  2. Where I can place the teen pads If I run grade scan for itching all over body
    My oncologist said it’s due to my liver cancer
    I will be using GX generator
    2. Where I should place the teen pads if I run grade scan for hepatitis c

    Raul Saavedra
    1. Hi, Raul. You can place tens pads on both sides of the lower abdomen for whole-body itching.
      And directly placing them over your liver for hepatitis.

  3. Hello, where do I place the pads for breast cancer? I must avoid the heart, but how?

    1. Hi, you can place them above your brat, just avoid the immediate area of the heart:)

      1. Hi, what do you mean by brat? Would a placement of one electrode above the heart and one below the heart work?

        1. Not recommended. The electricity will take the shortest route, directly through your heart. Can be angled a bit.

          1. Thank you, but what do you mean by “above your brat” ?

        2. I think it was supposed to be bra maybe…

  4. I am concerned as I have just set up a program for asthma, and attached my tens pads either side of my chest, at the front.
    I am currently feeling “strong vibrations” and now and again get a ‘shock’
    1- is that normal?

    many thanks for all the wonderful information,

    1. Dear friend, please be careful that the position of the tens pads need to be away from the heart. Here is a blog about the placement of tens pads: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/faqs-on-tens-pads-placement-and-more/. Hope it helps.

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